At UMH we’ve been known to say “If you’ve seen one UMH community, you’ve seen one UMH community.”

What this means is that each assisted living and independent living community is as unique as the residents we serve. Although the physical layout of each community may vary, our mission and our relationship-centered philosophy remains the same. We are committed to taking the time to get to know each resident; their likes and dislikes and their patterns of activity throughout the day. We understand the importance of a successful transition when one moves into one of our communities. We especially understand how difficult it can be for the resident and family to make the decision to move.

Our staff encourages residents to do as much for themselves as they are capable of.

Once you start doing for others that which they can do for themselves, they lose meaning, purpose and motivation to care for and challenge themselves. We strive to find the balance of promoting independence when possible, and provide assistance when needed. We do this by talking with our residents and getting to know them.

Consistent assignment of staff is key to building strong relationships.

When a set group of staff work with individual residents, they get to know how to best care for that resident. UMH employees practice the “New Golden Rule - treat others how THEY want to be treated.” Treating others how YOU want to be treated does not respect the individuality of our residents. Not everyone wants to get up at the same time, nor do they want to eat the same foods or participate in the same activities and events. Through our core values of Respect and Collaboration, we create an environment where our residents can thrive.

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