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United Methodist Homes (UMH) was established in 1874 out of the vision of the members of a small church in West Haven, CT who cared deeply about helping the elders in their community and others in need.

Out of their caring, they had the foresight to collaborate in such a way that nearly 140-years later their vision continues to serve those in need.

UMH, as it stands today, is proud to carry on this tradition of caring for people across the continuum; seniors who are independent and those needing assistance, those rehabilitating from illness or surgery, younger adults with disabilities, and those living with dementia.

Not only do we care for those who live in our communities, we care for and about their families and friends, and understand the need to offer them emotional and spiritual support.

Let Our Award-Winning guide  “The Journey of Aging” help you and your loved one plan for the future.

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Equally important are the ways that we nurture and support our staff, the cornerstone of UMH communities.

The members of the West Haven Methodist Church understood all those years ago the importance of community and relationships.  That focus has been the common thread of all that we do at UMH for decades.

Positive relationships are critical to
our well-being.

Through simple ways such as asking questions, really listening to what someone has to say, offering a genuine smile and caring touch of the hand we are able to connect with those we serve.  We know that by creating caring relationships, we can help those we care for live meaningful lives.

Want to learn more about senior caregiving?

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If a mission-based organization is important to you and the care you desire for your loved-one, a UMH community is the place to be!

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