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Senior Living Communities 60 Day Trial Stay
Elizabeth Bemis

By: Elizabeth Bemis on January 25th, 2013

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Senior Living Communities 60 Day Trial Stay

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60 day stay

So often we hear from the caregivers of prospective residents that their loved one just isn’t ready to commit to moving into an assisted or independent living community. They don’t want to be the “bad guy” and push to make a decision. Their loved one is not convinced it is the right time and other family members may feel guilty even suggesting it. This always begs the question “What other decisions have you or your loved one had to make that you weren’t ready for?” That really gets them to think. Change can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be.

60 Day Trial Stay

A 60-Day Trial Stay takes the stress out of making a permanent decision to move by offering a “test drive” of the lifestyle. Not only does your loved one have the opportunity to experience life at the community, it gives caregivers peace of mind, something they may not have had in a long time. Both the potential resident and their loved ones don’t want to feel pressured to make a big decision but they know something must change. A 60-Day Trial Stay gives them the chance to stay in a fully-furnished apartment, get to know the residents and staff, learn their way around the community, participate in activities and enjoy nutritious meals in the company of new friends. 

Many people who take advantage of a 60-Day Stay find that they become stronger during this time. They are eating regularly, taking part in exercise classes or simply getting more physical activity by moving around the community, and taking their medications as prescribed and on time which helps them to feel better. The element of social engagement cannot be dismissed.  All the research points to better health, less depression and improved outcomes when older adults enjoy meaningful relationships. 

After the 60 Day Trial Stay

After the new “resident” lives at the community for 60-days, they become emotionally invested in their new life. The thought of going back to their home to live alone becomes less and less appealing. They come to appreciate having staff available around the clock for emergencies, the convenience of healthy and enjoyable meals and most importantly the camaraderie they feel living at a UMH community. 

The majority of people who stay for 60 days at a UMH community opt to become residents. In hindsight they realize some of the real challenges of living on their own. Many also notice a change in the relationships they have with their caregivers and family members. They are no longer reliant on their loved ones for assistance with personal care, food shopping, meal preparation and companionship. Their relationship shifts back to being one of reciprocal engagement, not the older adult continually needing to ask for help, which is something many do not want to have to do. 

The benefits of a 60-Day Trial Stay are clear. But at the end of the day, it is important for the potential resident to realize that they are only committing to stay for just those 60 days.  Knowing they have an “out” is important. Making the decision to move into an assisted or independent living community is a huge and life changing choice. It is important for them to be as involved in making the decision as possible. With no obligation at the end of the 60 days, why not give it a try?

Get Your 60 Day Trial Stay Today

Just like you might not buy a car without giving it a test drive, you do not have to make a move into a senior living community without first giving it a try. Learn more about the many residents who have taken advantage of a 60-Day Trial Stay at a UMH assisted and independent living community. Let us add your story to our ever growing lists of successful resident transitions!

About Elizabeth Bemis

In 1998, I drove past an assisted living community construction site, learned that it was part of United Methodist Homes and realized the next stop on my professional journey was to work for a mission driven organization. Soon after, I joined the team as Executive Director of our Middlewoods of Farmington community and later served as Regional Manager for the Middlewoods properties before accepting my current role as Vice President of Marketing, Promotions, and Assisted Living Operations. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, reading, walking, and love working alongside our staff, residents, and families to build strong communities that reflect the mission, vision, and values of United Methodist Homes.

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