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Mission Possible: Making New Friends in a Senior Living Community

Stories and Spotlights

With a note from one of our family members….

Making a move to a senior living community can be really intimidating. Living in a community means living with other people, after all. And is that all it’s cracked up to be? How many times has your loved one said, “I’m not going to one of those “homes!” out of fear that he or she may actually have to meet someone new?

But whether your loved one is a “people person” or not, senior living communities can offer valuable opportunities for genuine connection, camaraderie, and friendship.

Feeling Isolated

Many of our residents who move to our UMH senior living communities have recently lost a spouse and have watched their social network shrink significantly. Their aging friends become ill. Their siblings die. Their circle of friends is broken. They feel sad inside. And whether they can admit it or not, they probably feel lonely too.

What If…???

And since the thought of change is so overwhelming, a large amount of older adults resist the idea of making a move. But what if your loved one found greater quality of life - through a much-needed new friend? What if your loved one had an experience like this?

Making new friends in a senior living communityGood Matchmaking…. A Note from a Family Member

The note below was passed along from a family member of one of our residents who shares a story about her mother-in- law’s transition to our UMH community, Middlewoods of Farmington.

After taking Margie out for Mother’s Day, this family member shared….

Margie spent most of the day with us and enjoyed herself (and Joe's cooking!). While Joe and I were driving her home to Middlewoods around 7:15 pm, she said out of the blue, "I really like my dinner group." And she went on to tell us a few anecdotes, like how one or the other will stay to watch a movie with her. The message was obvious: She really has clicked with Grace, Glenna and Joyce.

We saw firsthand evidence of the blossoming friendships when we arrived at Middlewoods. Grace had just fed the cat, and when she and Margie greeted each other in the main foyer their eyes lit up with what could only be called the warm glow of friendship, obvious also in their smiles and their words to each other. When we arrived at Margie's door on the 2nd floor we found more evidence of warmth and friendship -- and why she loves her dinner table group. Tucked into the doorknocker was a long-stemmed red rose with a note on it saying "Love, Glenna."

It is really lovely to see Margie happy not just with her environs and the support/services and activities, but also with the new friends she is making. She has always treasured close friendships; for her they are very much a part of what is considered quality of life. By all appearances and accounts, her quality of life at Middlewoods is VERY GOOD, and for that I'm so grateful.

~ Linda


Photo Caption: Margie and her new friends Grace, Glenna, and Joyce enjoy a meal together at Middlewoods of Farmington.

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