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5 Compelling Reasons to Be Thankful for Senior Living Community Caregivers
Elizabeth Bemis

By: Elizabeth Bemis on November 8th, 2021

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5 Compelling Reasons to Be Thankful for Senior Living Community Caregivers

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As parents and aging loved ones transition into their senior years, there may be health and lifestyle challenges that eventually make living on their own an unsafe or impractical option. This doesn’t mean they can no longer maintain a sense of independence or live life to the fullest. It simply means that having access to a higher level of care is what makes sense at that time.


Senior living communities offer a unique opportunity for older adults to experience a warm and home-like environment while accessing the individualized care and assistance they need. As we head toward Thanksgiving, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all the reasons we can be grateful for the big-hearted caregivers (like the ones right here at UMH!) who work day in and out to support the residents of a senior living community. 


1. They provide compassionate, relationship-centered care. 


By fostering compassionate relationships, a senior living community’s staff plays an essential role in helping residents navigate the journey of aging. It’s not just about the obvious aspects of care, like managing medication or providing assistance with activities of daily living, but also every touch point in between. 


From the chef who considers dining preferences and prepares meal options to the activities director who hones in on hobbies and interests, or from the maintenance department who helps move furniture, hang photographs and change lightbulbs to the front desk staff who coordinates visits and greets each resident with a smile—these personal points of individualized, relationship-centered care give seniors a sense of comfort, support, and community.


2. They understand the unique challenges faced by seniors and their loved ones. 


Caregivers at senior living communities are highly attuned to the nuanced challenges faced by seniors and the families who love them. This is an especially critical element to be thankful for, given that not every resident makes this move enthusiastically. In fact, many older adults can be quite resistant to the idea of leaving their own home, especially after the loss of a spouse. 


Staff that deeply understand these implications for seniors and their families have the insight to help ease the transition and create the kind of environment where a resident truly feels at home. Whether it’s answering questions from loved ones to engaging seniors in ongoing opportunities for connection and enjoyment, there’s no substitute for the level of awareness and understanding afforded by senior living community caregivers.


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3. They support seniors in maintaining independence. 


At times in many senior living communities, the caregiving staff meets residents who were previously living alone but not receiving the care they truly require. These seniors may not have been eating adequately, taking care of personal needs, engaging their minds or staying active and social. Without essential support for these types of activities, older adults can become exhausted, isolated and depressed, which ultimately diminishes their sense of independence.


So while there’s often a misconception that moving into a senior living community translates to losing one’s sense of independence, the truth is quite the opposite. For residents willing to embrace the kind of support offered by compassionate caregivers and staff, there’s actually greater potential for tapping into the energy and enthusiasm required for living an enriched, purposeful life. In other words, customized care designed to promote independence enables seniors to maintain their dignity and truly thrive.


4. They foster opportunities for human connection and socialization. 


In a senior living community, the team of caregivers and staff are a vital juncture for human connection and socialization. And research shows that one of the most crucial components of maximizing a senior’s health, longevity and well-being is staying connected to other people. In this special environment, there’s a host of opportunities to connect with others through coordinated social events, scheduled activities and ongoing programs. Caregivers work to ensure that residents have access to experiences designed for educating, inspiring and entertaining.


It’s certainly true that many older adults fear losing touch with friends and loved ones if they have to give up their homes, but senior living community caregivers provide ongoing opportunities for relationship-building and enjoyment. Whether it’s planning on-site activities or facilitating transportation to the world outside, caregivers offer senior living residents the chance to pour themselves into the unique, personal interests and pastimes that foster genuine purpose and a sense of wellbeing.


5. They cultivate a home-like environment and become an extension of each resident’s family. 


The most treasured caregivers at senior living communities are the ones that understand what really makes a place feel like home. It’s not the address, the furnishings, the features or the landscaping. Ultimately, it’s the family who gathers there. At these types of communities, the caregivers are one of the main reasons why residents feel so at home.


A caring staff recognizes the sensitivity of a senior’s transition to a senior living community and does everything they can to be supportive of both the resident and their family—building relationships, going the extra mile and offering a helping hand whenever needed. Here at UMH, each of our communities has a unique orientation process that welcomes residents with the goal of helping them feel at home as quickly as possible. When a resident moves into the community, staff members from each department take time to personally welcome and get to know that senior.


Over time, these are the very people that work continuously to maintain that sense of family and home. It’s the greatest gift to not only the senior residents but also their families—who can have peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for in the most personalized and compassionate way. It’s just one more reason to be thankful for these caregivers and all they do to improve the lives of seniors.


To find out how United Methodist Homes provides a wealth of offerings and opportunities to support the health and wellbeing of our residents, contact us today or schedule a complimentary visit now. For additional tips on senior health and lifestyle issues, check out our blog.


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