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    Meet the Family: Amy Broadbent!
    Chelsea Sayegh

    By: Chelsea Sayegh on March 3rd, 2017

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    Meet the Family: Amy Broadbent!

    Aging & Caregiving  |  Meet The Family

    What makes a house a home? It's not the fancy furniture or shiny chandeliers, but the family who gathers there. At our UMH senior living communities, our staff members are one of the main reasons why our residents feel so at home! Not only do they create a warm family atmosphere, they also understand the challenges faced by families caring for older adults. By fostering caring relationships, staff play an essential role in helping our residents navigate the journey of aging - from the very first visit, to the day they move into our community and every day after that! Read our "Meet the Family" spotlight below to see how Amy Broadbent makes our residents' home such a special place....

    Meet Amy Broadbent!

    Registered Nurse, Crosby Commons

    Amy grew up in Stratford and received a Nursing degree from Quinnipiac University. In 1982, she married her husband and now has four children ranging in age from 23 to 31 years. Her family lived in Greenwich for 10 years and moved to Trumbull 24 years ago so that their kids could attend Christian Heritage School. Amy enjoys getting together with family and friends, attending women's Bible studies, cooking (when she has the time!) and taking trips to Colorado to visit her one year old grandson and his family! She has worked with UMH for 18 years.

    What inspired you to work with older adults?

    “My Mom was very ill and in and out of the hospital for a year and a half before she died in 1990. During the time of her illness, I was inspired by the care, understanding and compassion shown to my family by the hospital nurses. With just a few words of encouragement, they were able to alleviate so much of our concern and worry. I had 3 young children at the time and had taken off 6 or so years from work to raise them. After this experience, however, I was motivated to go back to work and spread the same encouragement, support and care that my mother and our family had received. I started working per diem in local nursing homes and really enjoyed myself, as I hadn’t experienced that type of nursing before. Most of my hospital experience was on cardiac units. My mother-in-law and her live-in helper live with us, so sometimes I feel like being around our residents is just like being at home! My Dad passed away last summer and having spent a lot of time with him during his later years, I feel like I can relate to our residents and their family members, having experienced similiar situations and feelings.”

    Amy with a resident


    What's your day-to-day interaction with the residents?

    “My day to day interaction varies widely, ranging from saying hello in passing to visiting a resident in their apartment who isn't feeling well or wants to talk about setting up care services with us. One moment I may pop into a resident's apartment to see how they are doing following an illness and the next I will be discussing a medication adjustment or even checking on how a family member is if that's been something on a resident’s mind.”


    What do you think makes UMH different from other senior living communities?

    “I think that it's small enough to have a real community feel, a family-like atmosphere where people in different departments know each other pretty well and all have the goal of making UMH a great place for residents to live. Many assisted living communities claim to be ‘community oriented’, but I see that our communities actually uphold this statement and create a real home fo our residents.”

    Amy with fellow staff members and a residentWhat do you like most about working in a senior living community?

    “I feel it is very special that I get to work with residents in their own homes. It's a personal relationship and a privilege to be ‘invited’ into someone's home, unlike a hospital or office setting. I enjoy getting to know each resident and often, I see a glimpse of what a resident is like just by being in their home. From their decorations, pictures and keepsakes, I can start to learn who our residents are, where they are from and more about their hobbies and interests. This makes for some incredible conversations and a truly special connection.”  

    From your experience, what advice would you give families and their loved ones who are thinking about making a move to senior living?

    “Think about all your options first: keeping someone in their own home with assistance, moving to an assisted living facility or moving in with a loved one. As far as assisted living communities go, I can't think of a better choice than a UMH community, with their personal touches, longevity of staff and friendly environment and residents.”

    Amy with a residentHow do you help residents feel at home?

    “I like to mention that there is always a staff member available to them 24/7, 365 days per week - they are never alone! There is always someone to talk with or socialize with and there is always something to do.” 


    Is there anything else you would like to mention about UMH, our residents or our staff members?

    “I've had many relatives who have been part of UMH over the years, including two aunts who lived at Wesley Heights and then Bishop Wicke, my Dad was in short term rehab at Bishop Wicke, and my sister posed as ‘Fanny Crosby’, the legendary hymn writer whom Crosby Commons was named after, during the groundbreaking ceremony in 1997. I feel very much at home here and thoroughly enjoy the staff and residents that I have the pleasure and privilege of working with.”


    About Chelsea Sayegh

    I started working as a Marketing Coordinator for United Methodist Homes in October of 2016. I work on public relations, website management and community planning for their award winning independent and assisted living communities. As a graduate of Ursinus College with a degree in Media and Communications and a passion for serving nonprofits, United Methodist Homes has become my home away from home. I spend my days working in a community filled with smiling faces, helpful hands and wonderful residents. I have a passion for assisting seniors and take great pride in being able to promote a company with such a positive mission and values. As an individual committed to learning and growing, I have jumped right into this exciting career!

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