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7 Reasons Why You Need Your Flu Shot This Year

A lot of people think of “the flu” as a very bad cold. Sure, many of us get over it fine, but we tend to forget that when it strikes (sometimes twice a year!), it can hit like a Mack truck! The flu is one of the most common viral infections that attack everyone—young and old—some worse than others, particularly older adults. And if you’ve ever received a flu shot, you know that last season’s shot is no longer effective this season. So, here are seven reasons why you need your flu shot this year.

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Blog Feature

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Flu and Pneumonia Shots for Seniors - Is it Too Late?

Although it might seem like the year is winding down to it's cold conclusion and already deep into the annual flu season, it is not too late to go get vaccinated for the flu and pneumonia if you have not done so already. October and November are the usual months during which flu shots are made available to interested individual in public places, though you can also approach your healthcare provider if you have missed your local deadlines. As for the pneumococcal vaccine, it can be scheduled anytime during the year when you have the extra time.

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