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7 Reasons Why You Need Your Flu Shot This Year

A lot of people think of “the flu” as a very bad cold. Sure, many of us get over it fine, but we tend to forget that when it strikes (sometimes twice a year!), it can hit like a Mack truck! The flu is one of the most common viral infections that attack everyone—young and old—some worse than others, particularly older adults. And if you’ve ever received a flu shot, you know that last season’s shot is no longer effective this season. So, here are seven reasons why you need your flu shot this year.

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Seniors and Depression: Education and Awareness

Depression is common among the elderly. However, it’s not a normal part of healthy aging. A major problem that stands in the way of treatment for seniors is that families often confuse the disease with signs of grief, which is natural in the face of major life changes. For this reason, it is not uncommon for seniors to struggle with depression and receive no medical attention. Or if they are seen by a physician, depression can often be misdiagnosed for a similar reason altogether and no treatment is administered.

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Senior Living Tips: 5 Super Foods for Seniors

Super foods are nutrient-packed powerhouses, yet, even without any solid medical definition, it is common knowledge that people who eat super foods are healthier than others. When you think of super foods, sweet potatoes, blueberries and avocadoes come to mind but there may be as many as 50 or more of these powerful foods around.  But let’s focus on five specific groups of super foods recommended for a senior citizen’s diet, primarily to reduce inflammation—the single biggest cause of fatigue and autoimmune disease which overwhelms the body as we age.

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