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6 Wellness Classes for Seniors in Newington
Chelsea Sayegh

By: Chelsea Sayegh on October 11th, 2018

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6 Wellness Classes for Seniors in Newington

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Did you know that 14% of Connecticut's population is made up of senior citizens? And, the number of citizens over 65 is expected to increase by 38% over the next 15 years! As more and more Connecticut citizens join the senior population, there’s never been a better time to focus on senior wellness. With a high senior population, there are plenty of opportunities for seniors to stay active. Whether your parent or a senior loved one lives at home or in an assisted living community, it’s really important for them to keep moving.

Are you looking for ways to improve your parent’s or senior loved one’s health and wellness? Fortunately, there are so many opportunities, right here in our area! Check out these different wellness classes for seniors in Newington, CT.

Classes at the Senior and Disabled Center

The Newington Senior and Disabled Center has a number of opportunities for seniors in the area. The center offers a variety of wellness classes for seniors in Newington, CT. And, with so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the best class for your senior loved one.

Chair Aerobics

Do you want your senior loved one to engage in a great workout without having to worry about them falling? If so, this chair aerobics class at the Senior and Disabled Center is the perfect wellness class for them to try. In a chair aerobics class, seniors stay seated for the entire workout, while still getting their heart rates up through light movement. And it’s ideal for seniors with limited mobility.

This class caters to more than 20 seniors twice a week and follows a video program. These bi-weekly sessions are suitable for all seniors, with any range of movement. Best of all, the class is free and requires no registration. If your parent wants to try chair aerobics for himself or herself, they can visit the Senior and Disabled Center every Tuesday and Friday from 10:30 to 11:15 a.m.

Fun and Fitness Class

Will your parent want to join one of the more invigorating wellness classes for seniors in Newington, CT? In that case, the Fun and Fitness class also held at the Senior and Disabled Center could be the right fit.

This class is designed to improve stamina and strength, increase muscle tone, and promote cardiovascular fitness. Fun and Fitness classes are run by Newington’s Parks and Recreation Department, and they are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Taking the class does cost a fee. For more information or if you have questions, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (860) 665-8778.

Line Dancing

What if your parent could have fun dancing while still getting a little exercise each week? In addition to wellness classes for seniors in Newington, CT, a line dancing group meets weekly at the Senior and Disabled Center to get their heart rates up and to have fun! The group meets every Thursday afternoon, and the sessions are run by volunteers, so seniors don’t have to pay to participate. Your parent will have such a good time they won’t even realize they’re exercising!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi not only promotes physical health, it also promotes mental wellness, too. And, the slow, deliberate movements that Tai Chi requires are perfect for seniors who want a workout that is effective, but not too demanding. Tai Chi places an emphasis on controlled breathing and relaxation. It also helps seniors improve their balance, which can help them avoid falls.

If your senior loved one wants to join a Tai Chi class, they can participate each Monday morning at the Senior and Disabled Center. Both beginner and intermediate classes, run by the Parks and Recreation Department, are available. This is just another one of the beneficial wellness classes for seniors in Newington, CT.

Has your loved one given up on physical fitness?

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Middlewoods of Newington

For seniors who are residents at Middlewoods of Newington, an assisted and independent living community, they can join an exercise class six mornings a week. In these classes, seniors engage in a combination of stretches, either using weights or without, depending on their strength and exercise needs. These classes help seniors who have mobility or joint problems, and seniors have the option to sit or stand while they participate. In addition to the exercise classes, seniors can also take Tai Chi classes in the afternoons or evenings.

One of the greatest perks of staying in an assisted living community is that exercise classes are held in-house, making it as convenient as possible for seniors to stay active. There’s no need to travel or even leave the community. Seniors can simply go to the common area and get involved. Always open to outside visitors, Middlewoods of Newington may allow local seniors to join in our their free programs. Call 860.667.1336 to learn more about attending a wellness program or class at the award-winning community.

GoodLife Fitness

GoodLife Fitness is a highly-individualized fitness and wellness program, designed to help seniors maintain an active lifestyle. Seniors benefit from the close supervision and instruction of an exercise physiologist or certified trainer. 

Seniors that engage in the GoodLife Fitness wellness program work to increase mobility, flexibility, and overall good health. The goal-oriented program can also help them recover from illnesses or injuries. If your parent or senior loved one is interested, a membership is required to participate.

Finding wellness classes for seniors in Newington, CT is smart choice. It promotes senior health and also carries social benefits, too. Seniors can socialize while they’re at these classes and get to know others in the community. Wellness is about more than physical exercise; it’s also about having a happier, healthier life. And, when your senior loved one engages in classes like these, they’re sure to enjoy them!

Find out more about how to stay active as a senior. Download Exercise for Seniors: Tips for Getting Active, a guide to help your senior loved one.

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