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"Is It Time To Make A Change?" Moving Readiness Quiz

Please take a few moments to complete this quiz which will help you recognize behaviors that may indicate it’s time to consider an assisted living community for your aging loved one.

My loved one...

Doesn’t go out unless it is to a medical appointment or to take care of other necessary errands?

Is lonely or socially isolated?

Is falling or frequently suffering an injury?

Sometimes forgets to take their medication?

Has difficulty keeping up with household chores and responsibilities?

Is losing weight or becoming weak?

No longer cooks balanced meals?

Isn’t paying bills on time?

Needs help with daily activities such as shopping, cooking, eating, cleaning, bathing and dressing?

Thinks people are stealing their personal possessions?

Has slower reaction time, and should not be driving?

Buys multiples of the same product because they can’t remember what they have at home?

Gets lost when driving and can’t remember how to get to familiar places?

No longer takes pride in personal appearance?

Has stale or expired food in the refrigerator?

Wears the same clothes for days or dresses inappropriately?

Is longing for a maintenance free lifestyle but is worried about making a change?

Spends too much time sitting in front of the TV?

Often seems bored of anxious?

Has difficulty remembering recommendations from the doctor or family members?

Thank You For Taking The Readiness Quiz!

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