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Management & Advisory Services for Providers in Senior Care

We assist investors, lenders and providers with management challenges. We deliver value by stabilizing operating performance, easing regulatory pressure and improving patient care.

The Long Hill Company (“Long Hill”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Methodist Homes (“UMH”). UMH was chartered in 1874 and has enjoyed a long history of providing care to seniors. Long Hill was established in 1998 and has enabled our organization to build a strong team of professionals that have served over 39 affiliates in 11 states.

Our team has managed over 4,000 employees, caring daily for over 3,000 seniors. Our owned and managed affiliates have produced a combined annual budget exceeding $200 million.

Quality patient care is our driving principle. 

Selected Managed Sites

By delivering operational stability, we are proud to have improved patient care in fiscally distressed situations, while at the same time, enhancing our clients' business value.
General Electric Capital

GE Capital

  • $18 million
  • Long Island, NY
  • NY Assisted Living Management
  • DOH Consented Operator
  • Troubled ALF Properties
  • Resolved Regulator Concern
  • Position for and Executed Third Party Sale


  • $50 million
  • Long Island, NY
  • Chain Assisted Living Management
  • DOH Consented Operator
  • Five ALF Properties
  • Position for Sale
  • Transferred Operations
General Electric Capital

GE Capital

  • $50 million
  • Upstate, NY
  • Chain Skilled Nursing Receiver
  • Four Skilled Nursing Facilities, Including Pediatric Care Unit
  • DOH and AG Regulatory Distress
  • DOH Consented Operator
  • Resolved Regulator Compliance
  • Managed through Receivership and Subsequent Bankruptcy Filing
  • Position for and Executed Third Party Sale
  • Two-Year Duration 
General Electric Capital

GE Capital

  • $10 million
  • Memphis, TN
  • Assisted Living Receiver/Acquisition
  • Low Census, Risk of Closure
  • Operational and Regulatory Distress
  • Positioned for Acquisition 
  • Six-Month Duration 
State of Connecticut

State of Connecticut

  • $60 million
  • Chain Skilled Nursing
  • Various Locations, CT
  • Financial Advisor to Receiver
  • Oversight of Five Facility Closures

A Large Senior Care REIT

  • Undisclosed
  • $200 million
  • Skilled Nursing Receiver
  • Multi-State
  • 22 SNF Properties 
  • Five Provisional Licensed Properties
  • Restored Licenses
  • Achieve Successful Transfer to Successor Oporators
  • AG, State DOHs, OIG, Federal and State Monitors
  • Corporate Integrity Agreement
  • Less than One-Year Duration

Leadership Team

Our team is comprised of compassionate professionals who understand the balance of high quality care and fiscal responsibility. Our professionals cover a complete range of disiplines, from clinical expertise to fiscal management, marketing and capital and strategic planning. For each project, we design the specific team and approach for success.


David M. Lawlor, CPA

About David

Jay Nickse, CPA

About Jay

Leadership Associates

Pat King, MS

About Pat

Gary Maglio

About Gary

Pam Griffin, MBA, CPA

About Pam

Gregory S. Thome, RN, BSN

About Gregory

Elizabeth Bemis, MA

About Elizabeth

Maureen A. Canil, RN

About Maureen

Stephen A. McShane, NHA

About Stephen

Affiliate Members

Leon “Ed” LeBreton, CPA

About Leon

Charles “Chuck” Tobin

About Charles

Dr. Daniel Wollman, MD

About Dr. Daniel

Staff Associates

Danita Alberti, RN

Assisted Living Clinical Expertise
RN, Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing
B.S., MBA, University of New Haven
22+ years’ experience

Lori Bauer, RN

SNF Clinical and MDS Expertise
B.S. RN, Sacred Heart University
20+ years’ experience

Peter Belval, NHA

Vice President
Respiratory Therapy, Administration,
Corporate Compliance
NHA, BS Quinnipiac University
MA, Hartford Graduate Center
35+ years’ experience

Lisa Bisson

Direct Sales, Assisted Living, Community
BS, Texas Christian University
15+ years’ experience

Margaret Braren, RN

Assisted Living Clinical Expertise
BS, Greater Hartford Community College
23+ years’ experience

Virginia Brown

Assisted Living Sales and Marketing
BS, University of Rhode Island
10+ years’ experience

Zvonimir “Jukes” Jukic

BS, University of Connecticut
14+ years’ experience

Stacy Kesl

Administration, Dementia Expertise
BA, University of Hartford
15+ years’ experience

Linda Midwinter, RN

Assisted Living, Homecare Clinical Expertise
BS, Mount Saint Vincent
MSBN, Pace University
16+ years’ experience

Aimee Nangle, MBA

Human Resources
BA, Kings College in London
MBA, University of Connecticut
15+ years’ experience

Endra Newell

BS, Monroe College
MS, University of Bridgeport
7+ years’ experience

Lori Pisani

Assisted Living Administration
Human Services Degree
29+ years’ experience

Marissa Salvesen

Activities, Mission Development
Human Services Degree
7+ years’ experience

Debra Samorajczyk, BSN, NHA

SNF Administration and Clinical Expertise
BSN, University of Connecticut
25+ years’ experience

Chelsea Sayegh

Marketing (Multi-Media) Expertise
BA, Ursinus College
2+ years’ experience

Michelle Scarpa

BS, Fairfield University
19+ years’ experience

Zita Tothne

BS, Social Work and Business Management
15+ years’ experience

Bianca Turcotte-Reome

Administration, Dietary Operations
BS, Central Connecticut State University
10+ years’ experience

Faith Wajdowicz, RN

Vice President
SNF Nursing Expertise (Med Surge)
BSN, Southern CT State University
40+ years’ experience

Loretta Ward

Dietary Operations
25+ years’ experience

Monika Westerdal

Administration, Dementia Care
BA, University of Connecticut
17+ years’ experience

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