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The Long Hill Company improves the asset value of post acute properties.

Quality patient care is our driving principle.

The Long Hill Company

The Long Hill Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Methodist Homes (UMH).  UMH was chartered in 1874 and has enjoyed a long history of providing care to seniors.  The Long Hill Company was established in 1998 and has enables our organization to build a strong team of professionals that have served over 40 affiliates in 11 states.  Our team has managed over 4,000 employees, caring daily for over 3,000 seniors.  Our owned and managed affiliates have produced a combined annual budget exceeding $200 million.

Post-Acute Management Consulting

Individualized to clients' needs with project specific objectives and goals.

Full Operational Assessment

Facility specific review in detail with a focus on people, survey, fiscal and outcomes/impact.

Department Specific Review

Analysis of a targeted department upon direction as suggested by survey results.

Systems & Process Review

In-depth focus on one critical area or process, generally survey related.

Let's Do the Numbers

Our Management & Advisory Services


Employees Managed


Affiliates Served


States Worked In

Our Core Values

Our values support our driving principle of quality patient care.


We provide pro-active communication to investors and creditors to facilitate orderly re-positioning.


We share the good, the bad and the ugly of our projects by being transparent. We use honest information to develop resolutions.


We achieve the highest recovery value when the stakes are high and patient lives are at risk.


We believe achieving high standards of patient care delivers the highest asset value.

The Long Hill Company

The Team to Help You Succeed

Our team is comprised of compassionate, executive professionals, each with 25+ years of industry experience. They understand the balance of high quality care and fiscal responsibility. Our professionals cover a complete range of disciplines, from clinical expertise to fiscal management, marketing, capital and strategic planning. For each project, we design the specific team and approach for success.

A Tenured & Experienced Executive Team

A multi-disciplinary team and approach is necessary in today's complex regulatory environment and capital markets. We have that team.

Case Studies

By delivering operational stability, we are proud to have improved patient care in fiscally distressed situations, while enhancing our clients' business value.

“The complex healthcare industry requires the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team. We will be happy to provide you with a free, initial consultation to explore repositioning possibilities.”

David Lawlor
President & CEO

Contact us before conceding loss on your post-acute portfolio investment.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us and ask about our Leadership Associate program.