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Dreams Can Come True!

At UMH communities, we understand that no matter what your age, you still have dreams. Places you want to go, things you want to do, milestones to achieve. Big or small, the staff at our communities wants to help. The award-winning “Journey of Dreams” program was created on our Wesley Village Campus to offer opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment of individual dreams. Residents are encouraged to submit up to three wishes, goals or desires that they would like to come true. A committee meets to review the wishes and devise a plan to assist in the fulfillment of those wishes.

Dreams already fulfilled include:

Not able to get to a NASCAR race? No worries! We brought it to our residents. Staff brainstormed ways to bring the NASCAR experience to fulfill one resident’s dream, transforming the community into a raceway complete with a giant remote controlled car track for car races and an autographed picture and life-sized image of the Jeff Gordon, the resident’s favorite driver. A member of the maintenance department built a Lego racecar for the resident to complete the day.

What to do with the 97-year old woman confined to a wheelchair who wanted to go to the beach? Take her to the beach! Staff arranged a special trip to the beach for this resident and all others who wanted to go. As a keepsake, this resident received a conch shell with a note explaining that if she put the shell to her ear, she could continue to hear the ocean any time she wanted to.

Another resident wanted to go to Disney one last time; as that wasn’t possible, we brought Disney to her! The lobby of her community became Disney’s Main Street, USA. Dressed as Disney characters, students from the local high school and an area dance school led a parade. A fun filled day was had by all, complete with Disney characters and even a 3-D rollercoaster ride!

What about the 101-year old resident who had always wanted to be on television? Residents and staff braved the 20-degree temperatures waiting to report the weather live on the ABC affiliate and celebrate with this resident as she lived her dream.

How about the residents that wanted their paintings displayed at a gallery? The Journey of Dreams committee made that happen.

One resident wanted her closet organized; two volunteers spent two days helping that resident completely reorganize her closet, something she was never able to accomplish on her own.

And who could forget the resident that wanted to meet Peyton Manning, and the cheering squad as well! Talk about fulfilling a dream!

At UMH communities, we believe that you are never too old to try something new or fulfill a lifelong dream. To learn more, contact the community nearest you!

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