Wisdom in Our Residents’ Own Words

We all have a story to tell! The story of who we are, where we are from, and what is special to us. It is this information that allows all of the employees of UMH communities to provide personalized, relationship-centered care. Some of our residents have had great adventures, important careers and traveled to exotic locations. Others have led what they consider an “ordinary life”.

We don’t believe there is such a thing! Each resident’s life experience is meaningful and has contributed to the unique person we’ve come to know. With this in mind, we created our “Life Story” program where volunteers meet with residents to help them document their story. Sometimes that story takes the form of an essay transcribed from the resident’s own words. Other times it may be a collection on video clips where a resident talks about his or her life. Each story is as unique as the individual who tells it.

Building relationships with residents and staff is an important part of community living. We utilize the Life Stories of our residents as just one way to get to know them better. Residents who agree to share their story give permission for it to be published for others to read. It is amazing how often new connections are discovered once someone reads a story; residents who grew up in the same neighborhood and never realized it, those who worked for the same company and others who have hobbies in common that they never knew. When you inquire at one of our communities, ask us how we get to know our residents’ life stories. You will be glad you asked!

Life Stories:

→ Click here to open Henry Zigmont's Life Story
→ Click here to open Peggy Ulrich's Life Story

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