Each year United Methodist Homes provides a “Values in Action” award in recognition of employees who have demonstrated extraordinary behavior that exemplifies the organization’s core values of Respect, Spirituality, Excellence, Collaboration, and Stewardship. All employees are eligible to be nominated or to nominate any of their team members.

Staff are encouraged to nominate their co-workers who demonstrate any or all of the UMH core values. One individual from each of our communities is chosen to receive the award, which is presented at our annual Employee Recognition Celebration dinner. Award winners are recognized with a monetary award and a trophy and praised by their supervisors for their outstanding character and service. Congratulations to our winners!

Our Values in Action Award is presented to a staff member who exemplifies the following criteria:


We hold each individual in high esteem and treat all with dignity and respect.


We view each individual as a whole person and administer to spiritual concerns as well as physical needs.


We collaborate with staff, medical practitioners and community members in order to incorporate the creativity of all.


We are responsible for preserving those who have come before us and we are responsible to those who will come after us.


We improve quality by empowering our associates to continually improve our outcomes of service. We encourage innovation by seeking, listening and responding to new ideas.

Bishop Wicke Award Winners:

Beth Cairone

Beth Cairone, Nursing

Beth is a true leader. She shows compassion and respect for all of our residents and is organized, smart, resourceful and helpful. She teaches through example while taking great care to be the type of supervisor that any staff member can approach and challenge and go to for resources and guidance. She communicates information clearly with her staff and collaborates with her team to solve problems together. She is always fair and always calm and her staff always know they can run to her if they need help. She is a truly devoted supervisor who is committed to the growth, success and collaboration of her team; her patients, residents, and families; and our entire organization. Congratulations, Beth!

John Dipoalo

John DiPoalo, Housekeeping

John is a kind and caring person to our residents, patients, and staff. He performs his job to the height of his ability and with a thoroughness everyone aspires to. He treats all with respect and dignity and is a gentle soul who shows genuine empathy for others. He has been witnessed on many occasions, spending his break praying with an ill resident. His calm, gentle demeanor, even while under stress is an example of what we hope for everyone in a crisis. He is a silent backbone to our 2nd shift team at Bishop Wicke and we are so grateful for his dedication, attention to detail, and willingness to accommodate the needs and wishes of our residents. He is so valuable to our community. Congratulations, John!

Angela Gaites.jpg

Angela Gaites, Admissions

Angie has a positive and compassionate impact on all who enter Bishop Wicke. She begins building relationships and welcomes everyone to our Wesley Village campus. She engages with residents and families and is committed to providing excellent customer service in all that she does. Angie collaborates with all departments to ensure positive outcomes, and is reliable and flexible, offering a hand to Admissions, Case Management, Nursing, Discharge Planning, Reception, Dining Services…the list is endless! Angie is professional and respectful and takes great care to address the concerns of any individual until they are satisfied. We are so very lucky to have her on our Bishop Wicke team. Congratulations, Angie!

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Middlewoods of Newington Award Winner:

Zofia Kempna

Zofia Kempna, Wellness

Zofia is a longtime employee at Middlewoods of Newington who is greatly loved and respected by residents, their families, and staff members alike. As a CNA, she is organized and diligent, always taking great care to follow up on important details and communicate regularly with our Wellness team. She is always on time and comes to work each day with a positive attitude, ready to give her 100% to our residents and our community. Her compassion and willingness to go the extra mile for our residents has made her a trusted and reliable caregiver who can be counted on, even in difficult circumstances. We are so grateful to have such a caring and dedicated individual like Zofia on our team. Congratulations, Zofia!

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Crosby Commons Award Winner:

Hector Velez

Hector Velez, Dining Services

Hector will go above and beyond to make residents and staff happy any day of the week! He will do whatever is needed to ensure the satisfaction of anyone he is serving. As a chef manager in the kitchen at Crosby Commons, Hector’s constant goal is to make our residents feel at home around the table, eating the foods they enjoy and grew up on. He is approachable and always open to suggestions and is a fair and caring supervisor to his team, daily inspiring them to greatness and excellent customer service. Hector understands the important role he plays in building relationships with residents and staff and creates an atmosphere that makes people love to live and work in a UMH community. Congratulations, Hector!

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Middlewoods of Farmington Award Winner:

Linda Midwinter

Linda Midwinter, Wellness

Linda is well known at Middlewoods of Farmington for the caring attention she gives to residents, their families, and staff. She has the unbelievable ability to make everyone she comes in contact with feel special. She is a great listener and is always approachable and enthusiastic, making every day a positive learning experience for the staff under her supervision. Understanding the importance of faith and spirituality, Linda not only cares for the daily needs of body and mind, but she also takes great care to make sure the spiritual needs of the community are being met. Her weekly prayer group, attended by over thirty-five residents and staff, and her support group, the “Sunshine Club” works hard to provide empathy, acts of thoughtfulness, and encouragement to the entire community. Her contributions to the team make Middlewoods of Farmington a special place to live and work. Congratulations, Linda!
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Wesley Heights Award Winner:

Angelo Costantini.jpg

Angelo Costantini, Transportation

Angelo gets along with everyone and makes all those around him feel comfortable, no matter what is happening in his day. He is totally flexible, helping out when others can’t or working in the evening or on a weekend to help a resident. Angelo has a heart of gold for our residents and many of our residents share continually how happy they are that Angelo is part of our staff. He enjoys what he does and is a true “team player,” which is truly appreciated. He builds friendships with our staff and residents across our Wesley Village Campus and into the community. We are fortunate to have him and aspire to follow his example. Congratulations, Angelo!

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UMH Award Winner:

Vicky Dompierre

Vicky Dompierre, Executive Services

Vicky is a pleasure to work with! She offers support, resources, and time to assist any department in many different capacities. Her willingness to help when needed is what keeps so many of our departments running smoothly. She picks up additional tasks and responsibilities graciously and truly works hard to collaborate with our many teams to move our organization forward and serve our mission. She offers her assistance before you can even ask for her help and handles multiple tasks with a consistent positive attitude. She is a great asset to UMH and we are so grateful for her! Congratulations, Vicky!

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