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Where Care and Compassion Meet

The end of life transition can be so difficult and the staff at Bishop Wicke Health Center is here to help. We believe in caring for the whole family, not just the resident. Our relationship-centered environment and our Mission of caring for the body, mind and spirit in a dignified and respectful manner helps us to guide residents and families through this time. Only a story, written from the heart can convey what the amazing staff at Bishop Wicke Health Center does in their hospice program.

Bishop Wicke Health Center offers the traditional services such as meals and overnight accommodations for families, but we don’t stop there at this critical juncture. We provide spiritual support, pet therapy and aromatherapy. Symptom management focuses on quality of life goals. Additionally we collaborate with the hospice team and physician as needed to provide needed support. To learn more about the caring and compassionate care at Bishop Wicke Health Center please contact us today. Call (203) 929-5321 for more information or click here.

Bishop Wicke Family Testimonials

Dear Staff Members,
I have been wanting to type this letter sooner but there have been so many distractions after returning from Connecticut in early August of this year. It was such a wonderful and warm experience observing the kindness and love you all bestowed on my Aunt Rosalinda during her last days on this earth – not to mention making it comfortable as humanly possible for her family and friends. It was also interesting watching your energies and unselfish efforts bestowed not only to my Aunt Rosalinda but to all of those ailing and loving elderly hearts at the home. You definitely rekindled my faith in humanity.

By your examples and love of life, I am sure there can be quite many lessons learned from this nursing home by your staff. You are all to be highly commended. I was very happy and proud to see this nursing facility give so much of themselves willingly and unselfishly with a loving smile.

If there is a God (and I’m sure there is) your warmth and kindness will not go unrewarded, I am sure of that. There are lots of nursing homes out here that can learn from you, especially when it comes to proper care for the aging. The Lord must be very proud of the work and efforts this facility displays. Once again, thank you all for making my stay there tolerable, comfortable and less stressful not only for me but for her immediate family and friends. With kindest personal regards, I remain

Very truly yours,
-Joseph A. Grajales

In late 2007, Judie my wife of 48 years, spent 6 weeks in Bridgeport Hospital battling lung cancer. She’d always been a slim lady, and has lost a lot of weight during her hospitalization, leaving her unable to even stand on her own. After her hospital stay, we chose Bishop Wicke Health Center, and it is there that her slow but steady rehabilitation began. One day, she took two steps. Another day, she took six steps, and she continued to make progress with extraordinary rehab folks at her side.

After six weeks, she was able to return home. On her first day home, we hadn’t been in the house for more than a couple of hours when I found her walker folded in a corner – no longer needed. Within four weeks, she was driving on her own. Unfortunately, her story does not end there.

In June of 2008, Judie returned to Bishop Wicke, under much different circumstances, as the cancer we thought she had licked had spread to her brain. The same wonderful caregivers from her previous stay reached out to her. For example, I remember so clearly a young C.N.A. who would come into Judie’s room with a caring and cheerful, “How ya’ doin’, Jude?” And, oh, how Judie would respond to the compassion and respect that all the nursing, food service, and housekeeping staff showed when they interacted with her. And I remember how peaceful Judie’s passing was on the evening of June 21, 2008, because I was there “by her side”.

These memories will always remain with me. My experience has showed me that the details that you cannot measure, and are so difficult to quantify, are fundaments to quality care. We found that Bishop Wicke excels at these details.

-Tom Griggs and Family

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