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3 Simple Reasons Why A Senior Living Community is the Right Answer
Marissa Salvesen

By: Marissa Salvesen on January 21st, 2016

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3 Simple Reasons Why A Senior Living Community is the Right Answer

Aging & Caregiving

3 simple reasons why senior living is the right answerIn some cases a single incident or event precipitates the need for a move to an assisted living community, while in other cases, the decision to move can be quite a struggle -- particularly if your aging loved one is reluctant about moving. We’ve rounded up three simple reasons to help you make the most informed choice when the time comes to reconsider your aging loved one's living situation.

1. Safety

From trips and falls to driving-related hazards, seniors face many threats to their safety and wellbeing. Even in cases where “aging in place” in the family home is the strong preference, it is not necessarily the safest environment. Enter senior living.

Senior living communities are outfitted with safety in mind and staffed by personnel with the training and experience to meet the needs of seniors -- not just in the present, but also as they continue to transition through different levels of ability and need.

Whether you're just looking for the enhanced peace of mind that comes with knowing help is there if needed or if your aging loved one requires assistance with basic daily living tasks, senior living communities are designed to provide these services and more. With 24-hour staffing and a living environment designed specifically for aging adults, you no longer have to worry about mom or dad climbing the stairs with the laundry once again or remembering to take that new medication.

2. Security

The security offered by senior living communities can be invaluable to both older adults and their caregivers. Features such as gated community entrances, secured buildings, call-for-aid systems, and daily routine monitoring can offer levels of security that cannot be matched in the family home. Imagine not having to worry about mom or dad remembering to wear his/her life alert device or remembering to lock the doors at night. For seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, these levels of security can help prevent wandering and other dangerous habits.

Seniors who live alone are also increasingly vulnerable to scams and other external threats. In fact, not only are seniors frequent victims of crime, but many also suffer from “vicarious victimization,” meaning that they live their lives in fear of becoming a victim. Unfortunately, this can interfere with day-to-day activities and can eventually lead to withdrawal from society. Senior living communities offer an additional level of reassurance and protection in order to help prevent both crime and debilitating fear of crime.

3. Socialization

While aging adults may originally resist moving to an assisted living community because they think it will threaten their way of life and restrict their independence, the fact is that living alone often leads to isolation and depression. An active social life is a critical part of overall wellbeing, and opportunities for socialization abound within senior living communities.

From communal dining and fitness classes, to a daily calendar of social events and volunteer opportunities, senior living communities offer older adults the chance to enjoy camaraderie, conversation, and connection with others. Whether your loved one is gathering with old friends or making new ones, enjoying a favorite pastime or learning something new, activities are designed to support the individual and group interests of all residents.

Whatever your loved one’s interests are, social opportunities in a senior living community can offer quite the alternative to mom or dad’s routine of sitting in front of the television all day at home.

When ensuring the physical and emotional health and wellness of aging loved ones is at stake, identifying the best course of action can be immobilizing. Keeping these three S's in mind can help guide you to a resolution.

One last thing to keep in mind? Because both seniors and their loved ones may have misconceptions about senior living options, the best way to understand their true benefits is to witness them for yourself. Arrange for a tour and talk to the residents and staff to find out more about how the community lifestyle can meet your loved one’s needs, and address the “three S’s” .

Key Takeaways

  • The decision to move out of a long-time home and into a senior living community can be a difficult but necessary decision.
  • Inquire about the ways a senior living community can meet your loved one’s needs for safety, security, and socialization.
  • The best way to understand the offerings of senior living is to visit and see for yourself.

About Marissa Salvesen

My journey into the world of senior living began when I started working for United Methodist Homes in 2010. Starting as an Activities Director at one of our-winning assisted and independent living communities and then transitioning to Marketing and Promotions Manager for UMH, I now work as the Manager of Mission Development, fostering the Mission and Values of our organization. I love sharing stories about the many ways we build meaningful relationships and enrich the lives of those we serve, and am proud to be part of building UMH’s 140-year legacy of caring. Wondering what makes our communities such special places to live and work? Connect with me and find out!

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