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By: Elizabeth Bemis on July 29th, 2013

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Celebrating National Parents’ Day in Senior Living Communities

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Senior Living Homes Celebrate National Parents' DayWhat is National Parents’ Day? Many Americans are still unaware of this commemorative day, signed into law in 1994. Compared with the century’s old Mother’s Day or Father’s Day fanfare, Parents’ Day is but a ”baby” yet its establishment was meant to hold a similar stature of recognition, maybe even more so as it joins the two into a family unit.

Celebrated every fourth Sunday of July, Parents’ Day is a great opportunity to nominate “Parents of the Year” role models and also for senior living communities and institutions to encourage families to rededicate themselves to responsible parenting.

“The Way it Was” – Before the Caregiver Role           

As a caregiver for aging parents, it is sometimes difficult to remember the original relationship you enjoyed with your parents when you were on the receiving-end of the nurturing and caregiving.  The caregiving role can place a lot of strain on the relationship you have with your parents, and although you still love and respect them, you may find that you fail to acknowledge them as you once did. This summer, make a commitment to honor your parents and acknowledge their lifetime of caring by celebrating National Parents’ Day in their assisted living or skilled nursing community.

Personal Ways Caregivers Can Celebrate

There are several personal ways you can honor your parents; let them know how much you appreciate the foundation they set in your life. Consider these suggestions:

Take a Family Portrait: Gather siblings, children and spouses and arrange for a professional photo shoot either taken on the lawns of your parent’s senior living community or make it a fun venture out to the photo studio. Present this portrait as a commemorative gift, immortalized on their mantel, or hung on the wall as a reminder of their special family.

Plan a Special Outing: Take a trip to one of the picturesque parks in your community or just outside your city; have a picnic, enjoy the view and poke fun at each other as you “head down memory lane.” Make arrangements to enjoy a relaxing time away at a resort or a nice restaurant together, but make it a special and memorable day, reflecting over family stories and all the classic moments of family drama. If your loved one is not able to venture out, take advantage of a fun family activity that is being hosted at your parent’s senior living community and participate together.

Say it With Words: Buy greeting cards for each of your parents, but make them even more personal by inserting your own words. Express your appreciation for the values instilled from childhood that you still uphold today. Share your gratitude for their years of caregiving and poignantly express your thanks for the role you play now that allows you to “give back” as care giver or nurturer.

Regardless of how your family came together, National Parents’ Day is about celebrating parents as a family unit and promoting responsible parenting. It is also a time to recognize the importance of your role as caregiver in the lives of your parents and how it allows you to serve and nurture them in gratitude for their many years of caring for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parents’ Day came into being in 1994 and was established to give similar weight and recognition as the ever popular Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, perhaps even more when combined as a family unit.
  • Although you still love and respect your parents, you may find that you don’tacknowledge them as you once did. This summer, show your appreciation by celebrating National Parents’ Day in your loved one’s assisted living or skilled nursing community.
  • Gather siblings, children and spouses and arrange for a professional photo shoot on the lawns of your parent’s senior living community.
  • Plan an outing; make it a special day, poking fun at family memories and moments of family drama.
  • Buy greeting cards for each of your parents; make them even more personal by including an “appreciation note” in your own words.

Senior Living Communities

It is important for seniors and their children to recognize Parents' Day and reflect on the great memories that have been made over previous years. Often times in the main room of senior living communities you will hear residents exchanging stories about their children or even their own parents! 

If you would like to learn more about senior living communities in CT or TN please visit our website www.umh.org or contact us at United Methodist Homes 1-877-929-5321 to learn more about our services and locations.  

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