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Elizabeth Bemis

By: Elizabeth Bemis on August 19th, 2013

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Is An Assisted Living Community Right For You?

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0081EFP120618 105121 UMH Com CO 02You’ll know when an assisted living community is right for you when it fits naturally into your healthcare and lifestyle needs. The first step is to know your needs; thereafter, gather as much information you can on the services and amenities offered within the community to decide whether assisted living makes a comparable fit.

Honestly Assessing Your Needs

When considering the type of assistance you may need, remember to consider not only health and mobility challenges but mental and emotional needs as well. You may be looking for a community all on one floor for ease of movement or you may have a desire to connect socially. You may feel a need to wake up in a friendly environment or you may want an engaging community that encourages the participation in daily activities and the development of new skills or hobbies.

A caregiver can usually provide honest feedback on your needs and may better help you identify the types of services most beneficial to you.

Questions to Ask Yourself Involving Family Caregivers

In addition to accepting honest feedback about the type of assistance you need, ask yourself critical questions about the sacrifices your family caregivers have made and are able to make in the future and get their input. 

  1. Is your loved one able to provide the level of care you need? For example, if strict medication schedules must be maintained (such as diabetic and heart meds) along with planned meals, a “working” family caregiver will find it almost impossible to comply.
  2. Are you fairly independent but showing signs of forgetfulness? If safety is a concern, you may need to consider ongoing supervision.
  3. Is your loved one driving back and forth several times during the day to ensure you’re eating enough?
  4. Do you become depressed or feel isolated when your son or daughter is unable to visit?
  5. Do you need continuous help moving around your home, even with the aid of a walker?

These questions may help you and your caregiver determine the level of service needed and whether assisted living meets these needs.

The Services Provided in Assisted Living 

Assisted living facilities commonly provide basic, customized care for seniors according to state licensing requirements; however, the ones listed here are general services offered by most facilities:

  • Basic Medication Management – assistance with medication schedules
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) - assistance with showering, getting dressed, or toileting
  • Dining Services and Daily Meals
  • Housekeeping and Laundry
  • 24 Hour Supervision and Security
  • Scheduled Transportation
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Full Calendar of Activities and Social Programs 

Some assisted living facilities may also provide what is called “memory care,” which refers to specialized care for individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Others may even offer a trial stay or respite stay option that allows residents to try out the community lifestyle before making any kind of commitment. Consult with a senior care representative to help you answer questions regarding the level of care and service options that would fit best for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • You’ll know when an assisted living community is right for you when it fits naturally into your healthcare and lifestyle needs.
  • The type of assistance you need may not be limited to health and mobility challenges, but may also include mental and emotional needs as well.
  • A caregiver can usually provide honest feedback on your needs and may be in a better position to help you identify the services most beneficial to you.
  • To help with your decision, ask yourself a few questions about what kind of assistance you might need and get input from your family.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different services provided in different communities and talk to a senior care representative to help you find the best fit.

Independent and Assisted Living

If you are interested in learning more about independent and assisted living communities please visit www.umh.org to learn more about our communties and why they would be right for you!

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