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Chelsea Sayegh

By: Chelsea Sayegh on July 26th, 2017

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Meet Billy Coulter of Middlewoods of Newington

Middlewoods of Newington  |  Stories and Spotlights

Billy of Middlewoods of NewingtonAs a native to Long Island, New York, Billy Coulter grew up loving weekend trips to his family’s house in Sag Harbor. From Friday through Sunday, he would head there and spend time with his mom and dad. Billy recalls, “My father purchased a boat for us and we used to go sailing often. I remember the warm summer days and the cool summer nights. My mother used to iron my sheets when it was a chilly night in order to warm them up for me.”  Billy also reflects fondly on his weekly dance lessons he took with his mother in New York City.

When he was 14 years old, Billy’s father thought it would be a good idea for Billy to start his own lawn mowing business. He would cut fields twice a year for hay and lawns throughout the season. In the fall, he would rake leaves and haul them away. Billy exclaims, “I even cut one family’s lawn for forty years!”

As more and more people learned of Billy’s services, his business grew. “We had green shirts with green pants with my business logo on it. I had a business sign on my wagon. I would go around the neighborhood and people would ask me to mow their yard.”Activities at Middlewoods of Newington

Billy has always been an active guy, whether it be working outside or going to the gym, and at Middlewoods of Newington, Billy has continued to stay very busy and involved. Since he moved to Middlewoods in 2013, Billy has participated in a wide variety of activities. He explains, “Wii Bowling is my favorite activity, and I practice almost every day. In fact, I am a part of the Wii Bowling League at Middlewoods of Newington and we travel all around competing! I exercise here, love taking out trips anywhere, especially to restaurants, and I’ve become very good at playing Checkers.”

Billy praises the award-winning community for offering such engaging programs. Frequently, people are too nervous to leave their homes, and instead remain lonely and unstimulated. Assisted living at Middlewoods is quite different.  “It is great for social interaction. I highly recommend it because you do so much more with many people than you would if you lived at home alone,” Billy elaborates.

Resident Engagement at Middlewoods of NewingtonWhen asked what the best piece of advice he ever received was, Billy said “to try something new!” He believes the three most important qualities to be successful in life should be to be happy, do many things and always look ahead. He looks at aging as a positive experience because throughout the years, he’s enjoyed plentiful experiences and still maintains the desire to try new things without letting fear get in the way.

Friendships at Middlewoods of Newington


Billy adds, “I have made many best friends here and have been encouraged to try many new activities. I hope to continue making memories and friends for many more years at Middlewoods.”

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