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Journey of Dreams at Crosby Commons

Journey of Dreams 2013 - A Real Life FairyTale

Ted_in_Horse_Show-resized-600Crosby Commons resident, Ted Pfeuffer, saw his dream come true on Wednesday, thanks to the “Journey of Dreams" program at Wesley Village Assisted and Independent Living Community. Ted and his fellow residents enjoyed horse and buggy rides around the campus. Why was this so special and how did the staff at Crosby Commons know to make this dream a reality?

As residents and staff gathered together during the February blizzard to share stories and reminisce, Ted shared his story.

1978_Ted_Pfeuffer_in_Sleigh-resized-600During the February blizzard of 1978, when Governor Ella Grasso closed down Connecticut roads to all traffic except emergency vehicles, travel was no problem for Ted. He had his horse Ginger hooked up to a 100-year-old sleigh and together they made the rounds through town. As he and his daughter Kristin, drove through town, they were stopped by a young woman from the local pharmacy, who asked them to deliver prescriptions to his Thomaston neighbors, which they happily did! Ted has loved and owned horses all his life and often entered them in horse and buggy shows so this special day was perfect for him. A little bit of rain on Wednesday didn’t dampen the mood; considering some of the other weather conditions Ted and Ginger experienced!

2013_Horse_and_Buggy_Rides-Ted_Pfeuffer_008-resized-600At UMH communities, we understand that no matter what your age, you still have dreams. Places you want to go, things you want to do, milestones to achieve. Big or small, the staff at our communities wants to help. The award-winning “Journey of Dreams” program was created on our Wesley Village Campus to offer opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment of individual dreams. Residents are encouraged to submit up to three wishes, goals or desires that they would like to come true. A committee meets to review the wishes and devise a plan to assist in the fulfillment of those wishes.

2013_Horse_and_Buggy_Rides-Ted_Pfeuffer_009-resized-600Ted and his wife, Marion, have been residents at Crosby Commons Assisted and Independent Living community since 2011 and were thrilled to be a part of the “Journey of Dreams” program.

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Photo 1: Ted in a Horse Show
Photo 2: 1978 Ted Pfeuffer in Sleigh
Photo 3: 2013 Horse and Buggy Ride
Photo 4: 2013 Horse and Buggy Ride

Other Dreams Fulfilled Include

Bringing the ultimate NASCAR experience to one of our residents by transforming the community into a raceway with a giant remote controlled car track for car races and an autographed picture and life size image of Jeff Gordon, the residents' favorite driver. A Lego racecar was built for the resident by a member of the maintenance department to complete the day!

One resident wanted her closet organized; two volunteers spent two days helping that resident completely reorganize her closet, something she was never able to accomplish on her own.

We have even made it possible for one of our 97-year old women in wheelchair to go to the beach, for an 101-year old resident to be on television, and had another resident's paintings displayed at a gallery.

And who could forget the resident that wanted to meet Peyton Manning, and the cheering squad as well!

To learn more about this award-winning program please contact Crosby Commons!

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