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Elizabeth Bemis

By: Elizabeth Bemis on April 26th, 2013

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How Assisted Living Creates the Ultimate Sense of Community

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Assisted Living Community
If you are sociable or private, opinionated or easy-going, these are the range of characteristics you may encounter in an assisted living community. In many respects, assisted living creates the ultimate sense of community; it’s where you’ll likely garner that sense of belonging and comfort as you intermingle with a diverse resident-group, and have access to a variety of built-in services.

An Environment that Fosters Independence, Peace of Mind and Hobby Development

Your time is freed-up as a result of the services provided. A number of seniors use this extra time to pursue hobbies and discover objects of interests. For instance, a growing number of seniors are embracing hi-tech gadgets and becoming tech-savvy reading books via Kindle, listening to music via iPod/iPad and navigating around online sites, including Facebook to connect with family on their laptops. Many of these hi-tech gifts are bought and taught by grandchildren, and seniors are having fun enjoying the digital revolution on their available time.

The Buzz of Planned Activities Relieves Boredom, Loneliness and Enhance Friendships

With a large resident group coming together to share common interests, you can’t help but feel a sense of family, friendship and overall togetherness. In some communities, pets are invited to share in on some of the fun activities. Each interactive event builds on relationships and deepens friendships. It is no surprise that these close types of relationships are formed in such communal settings.

Individualized Support and Appropriate Health Care Services

Many of the features of an assisted living environment include senior care services to maximize residents’ quality of life. These services are wide ranging and may include: onsite physical, occupational or speech therapy exercise, medication support, assistance in short or long term rehab care, and transportation support for medical appointments.

Protection of Residents and Maintaining a Clean Environment

Twenty-four hour emergency response system and security are ammenities of many assisted living communities, providing you with peace of mind. A nicely kept landscape that’s fresh and clean also shows a community that takes pride in its surrounding.

Reaching out to the Wider Community

Not to be isolated from the wider community, many assisted living facilities schedule trips to local attractions, cultural and art fairs and shopping malls. Some join outreach programs and residents are supported in their efforts to participate in walkathons, political forums and advocacy groups. 

Key Takeaways:

  • In many respects, assisted living creates the ultimate sense of community, giving you that sense of belonging and comfort as you intermingle with a diverse resident-group and have access to built-in services. 
  • A growing number of seniors are using their extra time to embrace hi-tech gadgets, many of which are gifts bought and taught by grandchildren.
  • Planned activities relieve boredom and deepen friendships. 
  • Many features of an assisted living environment include a variety of senior care services to maximize residents’ quality of life.
  • Twenty-four hour security and a nicely kept environment offer peace of mind and promote proud residents.
  • Assisted living communities are not isolated from the neighborhood; many engage in outreach programs and residents are encouraged to participate.

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About Elizabeth Bemis

In 1998, I drove past an assisted living community construction site, learned that it was part of United Methodist Homes and realized the next stop on my professional journey was to work for a mission driven organization. Soon after, I joined the team as Executive Director of our Middlewoods of Farmington community and later served as Regional Manager for the Middlewoods properties before accepting my current role as Vice President of Marketing, Promotions, and Assisted Living Operations. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, reading, walking, and love working alongside our staff, residents, and families to build strong communities that reflect the mission, vision, and values of United Methodist Homes.

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