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    8 Easy and Healthy Superbowl Recipes for Seniors
    Chelsea Sayegh

    By: Chelsea Sayegh on February 2nd, 2017

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    8 Easy and Healthy Superbowl Recipes for Seniors

    Aging & Caregiving

    Superbowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day in the US, following behind Thanksgiving. You've probably seen (or even prepared) some of the massive spreads associated with game day, and therefore already know that Super Bowl snacks aren't exactly heart healthy.

    A Super Bowl party without food would be a sad affair indeed, but what happens when you have some health considerations to plan around? Those caring for relatives suffering or recovering from heart-related conditions suddenly find themselves facing the prospect of taking the junk food out of a day that traditionally celebrates the unhealthiest menu options.

    Fear not! With our Super Bowl recipes for seniors, you can prepare some truly delicious and healthy treats that everyone in your family can enjoy. Here are our favorites.

    1. Pesto and Turkey Cucumber Roll-Ups


    Diabetic concerns? Check out this tasty, low-carb finger food.

    Rather than relying on wheat or corn tortilla wraps which can hide a lot of unnecessary added sugar, these wraps are made by rolling the ingredients up in thinly sliced cucumbers. If you're not in possession of one of those expensive veggie slicing gadgets, don't worry – a vegetable peeler will work just as well!

    There is also a lot of protein in this snack, thanks to the smoked turkey and mozzarella cheese. To make things easier, ask the deli for “chipped” smoked turkey breast, as this ultra-thin meat can be worked with more easily. Add in some more veggies and the pesto spread, and you have a delicious snack that your loved ones can enjoy without worry.


    2. Pork Sandwiches with Coleslaw


    superbowl recipes for seniorsWhen you need something (healthy) to sink your teeth into, try these!

    The sandwich tray is a Super Bowl staple, but if you have someone in your family watching their sodium or cholesterol intake, they are probably best avoided. Deli meat is often loaded with sodium, and all that extra oil, mayo and cheese isn't very heart healthy.

    This recipe offers all the satisfaction of a hearty sandwich, but makes clever use of home-made cole slaw as a topping. Because you're making this yourself, you get to go heavy on the veggies, and light on the filler. Pork tenderloin is also high in protein and low in fat, making it a much better choice for your older relatives.

    One last perk: You can make the pork loin in the crock pot ahead of time, so you're more free to catch all the pre-game festivities.


    3. Sweet Potato Skins


    Take a healthy (and tasty!) twist on this Superbowl Sunday classic.

    We like this recipe because it can be made in stages. You can prepare the potato skins a whole day ahead of time, and then add the cheese and other toppings right before the game.

    Traditional potato skins are mostly just a vehicle for eating as much cheese, bacon and sour cream as possible in a single bite, and therefore, they tend to be off the menu for anyone with cardiovascular concerns.

    This recipe cleverly sidesteps those issues by substituting sweet potatoes for white potatoes, part-skim mozzarella for cheddar cheese, and salsa rather than bacon. Heart healthy fats like avocado and olive oil are also included, making this a pretty nutritious snack, disguised as its junk food counterpart.


    4. Spicy Black Bean and Avocado Canapes


    Love Mexican food, but want a healthier option? This quick recipe gives you plenty of flavor, without extra time in the kitchen!

    Nachos are another Super Bowl favorite, but let's take a look at what's usually on them: cheese (sometimes not even real cheese), sour cream, refried beans, and pan-fried ground beef. It's a celebration of saturated fat, and not ideal for your loved ones with health concerns.

    What we love about this recipe is that it takes all the fun and flavor of nachos, but brings it out through vegetables and olive oil. These individual “scooped” chips can also help to slow down the mindless snacking that happens when food is piled high like traditional nachos. These canapes can be savored, one at a time.


    5. Garden Salsa


    superbowl recipes for seniorsThis may be the easiest recipe on our list, so if you don't exactly consider yourself a chef, you can still prepare this healthy snack with ease.

    The base ingredient is refrigerated, store-bought fresh salsa, meaning most of the work is already done for you. All you'll be doing is chopping and adding in a few more fresh vegetables, and serving the salsa along with chips of your choice. Consider reduced sodium or whole grain.


    6. Five Minute Hummus


    If you've never made hummus, you're in for a pleasant surprise: it's pretty easy! If you don't have a food processor, that's fine. You can make small batches right in a blender. It's true that hummus is pretty healthy even when it's store-bought, but by making it at home, you can be sure that there's no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. Plus, if you run out and want more (which you might. It's pretty tasty!) It's just a matter of whipping up another batch right at home.

    Serve this with whole grain pita pieces, and veggie sticks for some extra nutrition.


    7. Minty Spinach Dip


    superbowl recipes for seniorsA tasty new twist on a gourmet favorite.

    Spinach dip is always a hit at parties, and this easy recipe will let you create your own at home. By using lots of fresh spinach, mint and scallions, you'll get loads of flavor without having to add in too much extra salt or fat.

    While spinach dip is often served with white bread chunks, a healthier option would be to offer whole grain pita pieces, veggie sticks, or even low sodium pita chips.


    8. Crispy Baked Wings


    Yes! These traditional treats are back on the menu (and out of the deep fryer).

    It probably won't surprise you to learn that one of the most consumed foods on Super Bowl Sunday is chicken wings. The problem is that they're typically deep-fried (or at least pan-fried) and therefore full of extra oils.

    What we love about this recipe is that the chicken wings are baked. You'll get the same crisp and juicy texture without taxing the heart the way fried foods do. This is a healthy and easy way to enjoy a traditional Super Bowl snack with your loved ones.


    Preparing easy and healthy Super Bowl Sunday recipes for seniors is just one of the many accommodations made by those caring for their older relatives with health concerns. For more information on how to make this important task easier, please download our free guide titled Caring For and From the Heart.

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