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    Walk Your Way Through Summer!

    Walk Your Way Through Summer!

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    dianne-walk“The Second Wind” is a new category that we are adding to our blog.

    These articles will focus on exercise tips for older adults… from The Wellness Center at Wesley Village, a UMH campus located in Shelton, CT.

    The Wellness Center provides Outpatient Therapy & Fitness programs that are available to residents as well as the general public. Dianne Terrace is a certified trainer and the director of The Wellness Center who kindly contributes to our UMH blog.

    Before we begin, please note that all older adults should check in with their healthcare providers to get clearance before starting any formal program.

    Walk Your Way Through Summer!

    What is better than a lovely walk on a summer day?

    If you are able, a lovely walk around the neighborhood is just the thing to jump start your summer fitness program. Residents at Wesley Village can enjoy the many walking paths located on our beautiful 40-acre campus.

    Even if you don’t feel comfortable walking on the pavement you might consider strolling along our indoor corridors to one of the lovely porches at Crosby Commons to enjoy a few moments of quiet beauty overlooking Long Island Sound.

    Here are a few tips for summer fitness:

    Wear Appropriate Clothing!

    Remember to wear appropriate clothing…no slippers or backless shoes for walking please! Try to find a companion to walk with you. It will help you to maintain a regular schedule and will add greatly to your enjoyment. Always start with a few short walks and build up your strength and get your “second wind” gradually, especially if you have been sedentary for a while.

    The Secret to a Sharper Mind!

    In addition to all of the typical benefits we get from walking; increased leg strength, better balance, lower blood pressure and improved circulation, there is a special side benefit that we are just starting to study. The secret to a sharper mind just might lie in your feet as well!

    Newer studies are showing that those who took a 30 minute walk three days a week had sharper memories. This is what scientists refer to as “executive functions”. They are the ability to plan, organize and juggle mental tasks. Experts believe that exercise may work because it is improving the blood flow to specific and essential areas of the brain.

    Decrease Your Fall Risk!

    For some added motivation…in a study of more than 13,000 older adults, the risk of breaking a hip was 35% lower among those people who still take walks two to four times per week. Those adults who stopped walking and became sedentary DOUBLED their risk of a serious fall!

    So, from all of us at the Wesley Village Wellness Center…. Go for it! Take a walk! Enjoy the summer. We’ll still be here when the winds start to blow!

    About Dianne Terrace | MS, CPT

    Director, The Wellness Center at Wesley Village. I am an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in training older adults and clinical clients. I work with private clients as well as my many clients at the Wellness Center at Crosby Commons, on the Wesley Village Campus in Shelton, CT. I have combined my training in strength and balance work with a modified Pilates Method that I have adapted for older adults. I am also a Certified Yoga Instructor trained by Lara Ward of Lotus Garden Yoga in Sharon, CT and I teach the Ultimate Core Ball Challenge as part of the Yale University Mat Pilates Program.

    Our Blog is a 2016 Platinum Generations Award Winner! The Generations Award is an annual international competition for excellence in senior marketing recognizing professionals who have communicated to the 50+ Mature Markets.