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    A Legacy of Caring
    Outpatient Therapy and Fitness Programs Build for You

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    Caregiver Resource Center

    Our Resource Center is full of wonderful free resources for any caregiver.

    We invite you to explore our resources to find information about caring for your aging loved one.

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    Ask any questions you have about making the move to a senior living community.

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    Talk with a SeniorCare Transition Counselor!

    The Wellness Center at a Glance

    State of the Art Equipment

    Nautilus and NuStep designed for seniors

    Programs Built Around You

    Personal trainers create a plan for you

    Aquatic Therapy

    Hydraulic-Lift entry


    A friendly and knowledgeable staff

    Outpatient Physical Therapy

    Motivating therapists to keep you on track

    Measurable Results

    View your everyday progress and see the results

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    What Makes Us Different

    We're proud to be part of a 140-year legacy of caring and service by United Methodist Homes.

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