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Elizabeth Bemis

By: Elizabeth Bemis on July 4th, 2015

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Help Your Aging Loved One GAIN Independence in Senior Living Homes!

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seniors and independence resized 600As we celebrate the Fourth of July and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans in the traditional way… cookouts, fireworks and perhaps even a day at the beach, take a moment to think about those who may be losing some of their independence. Older adults. Society often views aging as a loss of independence. It is time to look at aging and health care assistance as a way to regain independence. 

Take the older adult who struggles to bathe safely and perform the seemingly simple tasks of getting dressed and undressed.  These activities can be exhausting and anxiety producing. Think about how much physical and mental energy is exerted by these routine actions. It may take minutes or even hours for the older adult to recuperate! This exhaustion can lead to declines in overall health. For those willing to accept assistance, they find that by opening themselves up to outside help, they have more energy to participate and lead a meaningful and enriched life! Caregivers, whether family members or staff from an assisted living community or certified nursing aides who come into your home, provide a service that will add to the quality and dignity of live for those with limitations and disabilities.

Staff at assisted living communities see it all the time; new residents who come in frail and dependent.  They have been living alone, not eating properly, not having stimulating conversations, struggling to get dressed, bathed and in and out of the bathroom.  With a customized care plan designed to promote independence; they thrive!  This Fourth of July, choose to look at what independence means from another view point.  Imagine the life your aging loved one can enjoy when they gain independence and freedom through personalized service.  Wishing all a happy and safe holiday!

Key Takeaways

  • Many residents gain independence when they receive personal care assistance either at an assisted living community or at home. 
  • Everyday tasks that most people do easily can be exhausting for older adults and lead to diminished health.
  • Think about what independence means versus dependence.  With dignified care services, many seniors can gain back much of their independence. 
  • Enjoy a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Learn More:

If you are interested in senior living options for yourself or loved ones please visit our website www.umh.org or contact us here to learn more. We would love to further assist you!


About Elizabeth Bemis

In 1998, I drove past an assisted living community construction site, learned that it was part of United Methodist Homes and realized the next stop on my professional journey was to work for a mission driven organization. Soon after, I joined the team as Executive Director of our Middlewoods of Farmington community and later served as Regional Manager for the Middlewoods properties before accepting my current role as Vice President of Marketing, Promotions, and Assisted Living Operations. I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, reading, walking, and love working alongside our staff, residents, and families to build strong communities that reflect the mission, vision, and values of United Methodist Homes.

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