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Happily Ever Aging
...a UMH Senior Living Blog

Everything you need to know about caring for your loved one - at home or at a senior living community.

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Help Your Aging Loved One GAIN Independence in Senior Living Homes!

As we celebrate the Fourth of July and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans in the traditional way… cookouts, fireworks and perhaps even a day at the beach, take a moment to think about those who may be losing some of their independence. Older adults. Society often views aging as a loss of independence. It is time to look at aging and health care assistance as a way to regain independence. 

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Aging & Caregiving  |  assisted living  |  seniors and independence

Independence and Your Aging Loved One

Adult children are tasked with many important decisions when it comes to the care and well being of their parents. While easing the transition through the aging process may seem overwhelming, the results can be fulfilling -- both for caregivers and seniors.

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Your Guide to Senior Care Options

Not sure what senior living and care solution is best for your loved one? Start making sense of your options.

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7 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

There are many valid reasons to consider assisted living, with each holding a different value depending on your personal journey. Assisted living communities provide a broad range of services and your decision to consider making a move will depend on both your present and future needs and the timeline in which those needs must be met.

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