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Elizabeth Bemis

By: Elizabeth Bemis on November 12th, 2019

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Why You Should Make the Move to Senior Living Sooner Rather than Later

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Are you considering making the move to a senior living community? For seniors who face memory or health challenges, it’s better to move to senior living now rather than putting the transition off. In fact, before you face physical challenges, you should consider making the move. Here are a few reasons it’s a smart decision to move to a senior living community as soon as possible.

1. You Can Make Sound Decisions

Choosing an assisted living environment is a big decision, and one that you likely don’t want anyone else making for you. When accidents happen, like an injury or illness, before you have your plans established, this puts your family in a position of making plans on your behalf. They may choose a senior living community that they think suits your needs, but it might not be the option you would have chosen yourself. 


Instead of being reactive, it’s wise to be proactive. Start looking at senior living communities now, as opposed to when you need to move into one. You want to make sure you have a say in how you’ll spend this season of your life. You also don’t want to burden your family members by putting the responsibility of these decisions on their shoulders. 


For seniors with memory challenges, acclimating to a new living environment can come with specific challenges. It’s best to navigate this transition before memory challenges progress. Take action now, so you’re comfortable with your future living environment. 


2. You Can Enjoy an Active Social Life

Don’t you want to spend this season of your life having fun and interacting with others? Many seniors who live at home alone spend their days waiting for family members to call or visit, Between work, school, and other social commitments, those visits probably don’t happen as often as you would like. Instead of waiting around on others, you can benefit from all that an assisted living community has to offer. 


When you move into a senior living community, you automatically have a built-in set of social connections – everyone that lives there, too! You can join clubs, participate in activities, engage in social outings, play games, and more. Plus, you can engage in all of these activities based on your own comfort level. Because you’ll still have your own room or apartment, you can always go back to your space for privacy and quiet time. 


3. You Benefit from Nutritious Meals

Many seniors face the challenge of staying healthy while living alone. Maybe you don’t drive and can’t get to the grocery store often, or you simply don’t have the energy to make a full meal every day. So many seniors face the same challenges when it comes to nutrition. 


Fortunately, assisted living communities provide three healthy, balanced meals a day, and also snacks. You don’t have to worry about cooking (or cleaning up after you cook). You just visit the dining area, sit with your fellow community members and enjoy a freshly-cooked, healthy meal. 


This is also an ideal option for seniors who have dietary restrictions, like those with diabetes. If you need to eat based on a specific meal plan, assisted living communities can accommodate those needs. In fact, it’s much easier to watch your diet and keep up with dietary restrictions when someone is doing the meal preparation for you.


4. You Have Access to Healthcare Before an Accident Happens

Many seniors wait until a health event happens to move into an assisted living community. However, that’s taking some important steps out of order. In reality, you should move into an assisted living community before you face an injury or illness, because these communities are equipped to help you avoid an incident. Assisted living communities have healthcare professionals on staff to respond immediately if you fall, keep an eye on your daily health, and even help you manage your medication.


Plus, there’s the move itself. If you wait until you have to move into a senior living community, the transition could be much harder. Going through your possessions and deciding what to take with you can be really time and energy consuming, so you want to make sure you’re up to the task. If you wait until after an illness or injury to move to assisted living, your family may be the ones left with these decisions. 


Moving into an assisted living community doesn’t have to be a scary or uncomfortable transition. It is an opportunity to enjoy this season of your life in a whole new way! Move to assisted living now when it transition is easiest, and start living your life to the fullest. 

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