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Everything you need to know about caring for your loved one - at home or at a senior living community.

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A Culinary Experience: Senior Living Chefs Share Perspectives on Mealtime

Senior living communities thrive on providing residents with positive culinary experiences. Every detail down to the silverware and plating is taken into consideration when creating each dish. The residents in these communities receive three chef-prepared meals in comfortable dining rooms. On average, Wesley Village serves 12,000 meals a year to our resident and patient population.

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7 Fun and Affordable Activities for Seniors This Summer

Summer is a great season to spend time with family and friends, and there are plenty of fun and affordable activities seniors can enjoy. If you’re looking for fun ways to pass the time and make memories this summer, here are a few activities you should put on the calendar.

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Your Guide to Senior Care Options

Not sure what senior living and care solution is best for your loved one? Start making sense of your options.

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Help Your Aging Loved One GAIN Independence in Senior Living Homes!

As we celebrate the Fourth of July and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans in the traditional way… cookouts, fireworks and perhaps even a day at the beach, take a moment to think about those who may be losing some of their independence. Older adults. Society often views aging as a loss of independence. It is time to look at aging and health care assistance as a way to regain independence. 

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The Difference Between Age and Maturity

And The Mountains Echoed is a fascinating and disturbing novel by Khalem Hosseni, author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. In heart wrenching detail, he tells the story of a family from Afghanistan over a sixty-year period, each one of who continue to be affected by decisions made in earlier generations. It is a sometimes-grim reminder that, while we are free to alter our responses to the events of our lives, thus changing ourselves in some real way, we are always to some extent the product of our past.

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Seniors and Pets: The Benefits of Companionship

Pet therapy is a real health-promoting exercise for seniors. Those slobbering, furry animals, we call pets, can transform an individual’s sorrow into joy, right before your eyes. Pets are seen as loyal companions that do wonders for their owners’ well being. For this reason, many assisted living communities offer pet programs as part of their senior care services.

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