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Everything you need to know about caring for your loved one - at home or at a senior living community.

Why Seniors Should Move into Assisted Living Before Winter Hits

Understanding Planned Giving

Your Guide to Senior Care Options

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Caregiver Tips for a Successful Holiday Season with Aging Loved Ones

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know about Memory Care in CT

7 Best Restaurants in Farmington, CT for Seniors

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living vs. A Nursing Home: Where Do I Belong?

UMH Goes Tobacco Free

6 Wellness Classes for Seniors in Newington

The Importance of Senior Medication Management

How Moving to Senior Independent Living Early Can Prevent a Crisis

UMH Wins Two Awards in 2018 National Mature Media Awards Program

What to Know About Transitioning to Assisted Living From Short-Term Rehab

Why Transitioning to Assisted Living is the Safest Move After a Fall

Senior Memory Care Communities: What to Expect

Nonprofit vs. For-Profit Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Casting Dreams, Catching Deep Sea Fish

3 Ways to Show Your Parent That Moving to Assisted Living is the Right Decision

4 Tips For Getting Your Parent’s Home Ready For Assisted Living

A Little Night Life Excitement

Medicare vs. Medicaid: The Differences You Should Know

Celebrating Our Veterans This Fourth of July

Memory Support vs. Assisted Living: Which Option is Right for Your Loved One?

Is It Time for Specialized Assisted Living and Memory Support?

Friends, Family and a Fantastic Show

What is a Power of Attorney?

What Are the Best Senior Care Options for a Loved One with Alzheimer's or Dementia?

The Taj Mahal Comes to Crosby Commons

4 Tips for Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's Disease

Senior Care Options [Slideshow]

4 Ways to Prepare for Different Senior Housing Options

3 Ways to Afford Senior Living When the Money Runs Out

4 Reasons Why Home is NOT Always Better for Older Adults

Downsizing to Assisted Living (Infographic)

Resident Spotlight: Marian Taylor of Wesley Village

Meet the Family: Gloria Bachorowski of Middlewoods of Farmington

4 Factors to Consider When Paying for Assisted Living

5 Ways to Afford Senior Care Costs

Staff Highlight: Donna Brice of Wesley Village 

3 Reasons to Take Advantage of an Assisted Living Short-Term Stay Program

Resident Spotlight: Everett and Myrtle Caswell of Middlewoods

7 Winter Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

Resident Spotlight: Loren Schave's Open House at Middlewoods

Meet the Family: Shawn Lucco of Middlewoods of Newington

Understand the Differences Between All 8 of The Senior Care Options

Your Guide to Senior Care: Independent Senior Housing

Meet the Family: Jake DeLucia of Crosby Commons

Meet Norma Remele of Wesley Village

How to Talk to Your Parents About Assisted Living

7 Tips to Increase Brain Fitness For Seniors

Meet the Family: Danita Alberti of Wesley Village

Meet Jean Barbour of Middlewoods of Farmington

How Healthy Is Your Loved One? Health Tips for Seniors

6 Pieces of Technology Aging Seniors Need

Meet Marie Pfannkuch of Wesley Village

Meet the Family: Mary Ramsdell of Middlewoods of Newington

5 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living Apartments for Your Loved One

Is Independent Senior Living Right for Your Loved One?

Meet the Family: Lakisha Mathis of Middlewoods of Farmington

Meet Arthur K. Hansen of Middlewoods of Newington

Curb Your Loved One's Boredom: 15 Activities for Assisted Living Residents

5 Reasons to Move into an Assisted Living Community in Connecticut

Meet James Nies of Crosby Commons

Meet the Family: Kelly Coppola of Wesley Village

Do it Yourself: Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

Making Time for Yourself: Tips for Family Caregivers

Meet Billy Coulter of Middlewoods of Newington

Meet the Family: Linda Fera of Wesley Heights

Does an Assisted Living Apartment Make Sense for Your Loved One?

Meet Owen Conway of Middlewoods of Farmington

The Difference Between Assisted & Independent Living

Meet the Family: Bonnie Tormay of Wesley Village

Need a Vacation From Caregiving? It May Be Time to Make A Senior Living Decision

Making the Assisted Living Decision: Don't Put it Off Any Longer!

How to Afford Senior Living When the Money Runs Out

When is the “Right” Time to Move your Loved One into Assisted Living

Caring for Aging Parents: Discussing Change

Fall Prevention - 5 Tips to Help Prevent Falls

The Aid & Attendance Benefit: Is Your Aging Loved One Eligible?

Cost of Senior Living Comparison Worksheet

Meet the Family: Cathy Brelsford of Wesley Village

Coping with Tragedy

Price of Assisted Living Vs Homecare

Everything You Need to Know About Hospice Care in CT

How to Find the Best Senior Community for My Budget

Meet the Family: Joyce Stobierski of Wesley Village

Meet Lois Selnau of Middlewoods of Farmington

4 Ways to Determine the True Costs of Assisted Living

Nutritional and Nurturing Aspects of Food

Need Help Paying for Assisted Living? Follow These 5 Tips

Is My Parent Ready for Assisted Living?

Meet the Family: John Buccini!

The Importance of Eye Health for Seniors

A True Artist - Meet Shirlee Sheathelm of Middlewoods of Newington

The Importance of Relationship Building for Senior Health

My Doctor Recommended Short Term Rehabilitation, But Do I Really Need It?

5 Reasons to Choose Assisted Living

Meet the Family: Amy Broadbent!

4 Things to Know About Paying for Assisted Living

The Importance of Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Aging Loved One

8 Easy and Healthy Superbowl Recipes for Seniors

5 Fitness Tips for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Meet the Family: Ginny Brown!

Behind the Scenes of a UMH Photo Shoot

5 Driving Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe on The Roads This Winter

Fun and Affordable Things To Do for Seniors Looking to Get Out of the House this Winter

Infographic: Life at Home vs. Life at a UMH Senior Living Community

Is Your Aging Loved One a Scrooge? How to Deal with a Senior's Bad Behavior

4 Tips for Keeping Older Adults Healthy this Season

Fun Winter Projects to do With Your Loved One This Holiday Season

7 Diabetic Friendly Recipes for Thanksgiving

4 Ways to Manage Work and Caregiving

Healthy Living at UMH

New to Assisted Living? Tips on How to Help a Senior Adjust

When Your Aging Loved One Just Won't Budge! Moving Into a Senior Living Community

5 Reasons You or Your Loved One Should Choose Crosby Commons

7 Reasons Middlewoods of Farmington is the Right  Senior Living Community for You!

Middlewoods of Newington is the Perfect Senior Living Community for You

6 Stress Management Tips for Seniors

Senior Friendship - Does Your Aging Loved One Need a BFF?

Pet Care and Your Aging Loved One

Making Sense of Medicare

Five Ways an Elder Law Attorney Can Help Your Aging Loved One

A “Sandwiched” Summer Movie List

The “S” Word in Assisted Living

Senior Living Communities: A Threat to Independence?

That Crazy Farm Life – Meet Rita Klingenmeier!

5 Interesting Books About Alzheimer’s

Tips for Helping Seniors Go Social

Our Residents’ Favorite Summer Memories

5 Ways to Take a Vacation from Caregiving

3 Ways Assisted Living Helps Promote Independence in Older Adults

Helping Your Loved One Cope with Tragedy

3 Easy Gardening Projects for Aging Loved Ones

Life in the Political Circle - Meet Bill Raymond!

Why Consider a 60-Day Trial Stay?

Health Notes from Our UMH Dietitian - Nutrients and Health Benefits of Strawberries

A Closer Look at the Move-In Process

Mission Possible: Making New Friends in a Senior Living Community

Bishop Wicke Resident to have Dream Come True at Age 106!

Older Americans Month - Four Things to Think About

Car-Keeping Tips for Your Aging Loved One

The Importance of Keeping Your Aging Senior Active

A Promise Kept – Meet Ruth Schless!

Rediscover the Benefits of Reading with Your Aging Loved One

Creativity-Boosting Tips for Older Adults

Honoring Our Veterans

Senior Care Options Explained

Encouraging Seniors to Stretch It Out This Spring

Urinary Incontinence: Is it Part of Normal Aging?

8 Recipes from our Senior Living Chefs

Should Your Loved One Be on a Nursing Home Waitlist?

Faithful Stewards… Olle and Elaine Haggstrom

Rise and Shine: The Benefits of Early Morning Exercise for Older Adults

Keeping Seniors Safe

Caregivers – 5 Things You Should Do This Spring

"Old" Women who Make History

Memories of England and Beyond...

Moving in! 10 Easy Steps (Infographic)

Kindness and Caregiving

Your Aging Loved One’s Guide to Good Nutrition

Exploring Color Therapy

5 Steps to Better Nutrition

Recognizing American Red Cross Month

Tips for Maintaining Your Brain (Alzheimers Prevention)

Helping Your Loved One Maintain Independence with Dementia

Four Tips for Senior Caregivers During American Heart Month

A Legacy of Service

Last-Minute Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Cardiac Rehab – It’s a Life Saver!

The Winter Walkers Guide: 8 Tips for Keeping Seniors Safe Outdoors

Love Stories ~ From Our Residents

5 Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Aging Loved One

Organize for the Down-Size - Helping Your Loved One Prepare for a Move

3 Simple Reasons Why A Senior Living Community is the Right Answer

I Think My Loved One Needs More Care!

Multi-generational Mentoring: Benefits Abound!

Exploring Home Health and Hospice Care

Five Winter Recipes Your Aging Loved One Will Love

What Every Caregiver Should Know About Sleep and Aging

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

How to Cope When Your Loved One Needs Hospice Care

Home for the Holidays...

Six Holiday Activities to Share While Visiting With Your Aging Loved One

Four Ways to Keep Seniors Active This Winter

This Holiday Season - Give the Gift of Volunteering

Beating Winter Joint Pain: Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Keeping Your Aging Loved One Warm This Winter

A Fun Holiday Gift Guide for Aging Loved Ones

A Moving Experience

Is Your Aging Loved One Safe From These Six Winter Hazards?

The Benefits of Lifewriting

Our Residents Give Thanks

Recognizing Family Caregivers

How Does Your Garden Grow?

5 Ways to Make the Holidays More Meaningful

Community News Highlights…from UMH

Making Sense of Medications: Five Tips for Seniors and Caregivers

Fall Means Fall Prevention: Keeping Seniors Safe from Spills

4 Dental Health Tips for Your Aging Loved One

Growing Old and Giving Back

Eye Injuries: Is Your Aging Loved One at Risk?

Fall Temperatures Are Here: Tips for Your Aging Loved One

A Closer Look at Dementia: Alzheimer's and Beyond

Strings, Symphonies, and Lessons on Life

The Question of “What” - A Message from Chaplain Cathy Nickse

Choosing a Senior Living Community: Seven Things to Keep in Mind

Alzheimer's Disease: 10 Early Signs and Symptoms (Infographic)

Healthy Aging Month: Finding the Good in Growing Old

Cholesterol and Your Aging Loved One: Is It Really That Important?

An Artful Life

Our Many Days of Summer

Stop Waiting and Start Planning Ahead For Your Aging Loved One

Four Easy New Hobbies for Older Adults

Your Loved One was Diagnosed with Dementia…What Next?

From Roller Skates to Hand Bells

What Does 140 Years of Caring Mean to You?

Six Ways to Help Your Aging Loved One Declutter

Steps to Safeguard Senior Health During Medical Alert Awareness Month

“Walking in the Dark”

101 Years and Counting….

"The Hydration Conversation" Tips to Help Your Loved One Stay Hydrated this Summer

“You Have a Good Thing Going!”

A Caregiver's Summer Reading List: Five Aging-Themed Picks

Feeling Sandwiched? Here's What You Need to Know

Easy Summer Gardening Tips for Seniors

"Hello Dolly!"

Help Your Aging Loved One GAIN Independence in Senior Living Homes!

Meaningful Visits You and Your Aging Loved One Will Cherish

Honest Thoughts on Alzheimer’s

Tips for Improving Physical Dexterity in Older Adults

Faithful Stewards... A Closer Look at the People Who Make the Mission of UMH Possible

It's National Men's Health Week: Here's What You Should Know

How to Discuss Changing Care Needs With Your Aging Loved One

Losing Patience With Your Aging Loved One? 3 Tips to Restore Balance.

Cataracts and Older Adults - What To Do

"When It Comes To Dying"

Meet John Balogh!

10 Tips for Helping Your Aging Loved One Manage Diabetes

Am I Spending Too Much Time Caring for My Aging Parent?

5 Questions Family Members Have About Assisted Living [Infographic]

Questioning Your Caregiving Skills? Here’s What to Do....

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes While Caring for an Aging Loved One?

How to Handle the Challenges of Caregiving With 5 Easy Steps

The Benefits of Volunteering with Older Adults

5 Ways Occupational Therapy Can Help Your Aging Loved One

Resident Spotlight: Pierre Kennedy

Meeting A Care Receiver On His Own Turf

Humor and Your Aging Loved One

Ease the Stress of Moving to Assisted Living

Shining the Spotlight on Stress and Seniors for Stress Awareness Month

Laughing, Healing, and Your Aging Loved One

"I Got Out Of The Shower"

5 Ways You Can Help End Alzheimer's

Help Seniors Manage Their Weight During National Nutrition Month

Senior Isolation: What You Need to Know

Listen Up: Getting Your Aging Parent to Listen to the Doctor

Mobility and Your Aging Loved One: 3 Strengthening Exercises

Keeping Senior Hearts Healthy During American Heart Month

The Benefits of Music for Seniors with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Discovering the "In Between"

Does My Aging Parent Need Speech Therapy?

Resident Spotlight: Lucy Hanelius

Gaining Confidence After a Big Fall

Three "Brain Games" Websites for Keeping Older Minds Sharp

Losing Patience : 5 Tips for Caregivers

4 Key Pneumonia Prevention Tips for Seniors

"Healthy" Foods Your Aging Parent Should Avoid

9 Tips to Improve Your Aging Loved One's Driving

5 Safe and Fun Hobbies for Seniors

Caring from Afar: Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

Coping With Loss Over The Holidays

Winter Weather Safety for Seniors

Happy, Healthy Holidays: Low Salt, Low Sugar and Low Fat Options

Dealing with a "Cranky" Loved One: 10 Tips for Caregivers

'Tis the Season: Managing Caregiver Stress During the Holidays

Making Holiday Memories With Your Aging Loved One

Simple Ways to Help Your Loved One Manage His or Her Diabetes

Healthy Twists on a Traditional Thanksgiving Day Meal

Six Resources to Improve Your Caregiving Experience

Exploring Hospice Care Options

3 Simple Steps to Help Your Aging Parent Manage Their Medication

Wesley Village Halloween 5K and Fun Walk – A Race for All Generations

Cold Weather is Coming: Help Prepare Your Aging Loved One

5 Ways Older Adults Can Strengthen Their Immune Systems

Resident Spotlight: Toni Caggianello

Natural Ways to Ease Arthritis Pain

Five Fun Fall Activities For Your Aging Loved One

Considering Physical Therapy for Your Aging Loved One? Read This!

Always Saying Good-bye

“Kicking and Screaming”

Resident Spotlight: Eleanor Rizzo

Alzheimer's Disease: 10 Early Signs and Symptoms

5 Ways to Revive Your Loved One’s Appetite

10 Cholesterol-Lowering Tips for Older Adults

Sleeping Pills for Seniors: Healthy or A Hazard?

“Old Age”

September 7th is Grandparents Day! Here are Five Ways to Celebrate

Let’s Get Stronger!!!

Medical Alert Systems Save Lives

Memory Loss: Tips and Techniques for Communicating With Your Aging Loved One

Resident Spotlight: Marie Pelletier

Going to “Grandma-Land”

Walk Your Way Through Summer!

Sweet and Healthy Snacks for Seniors

Hit the Road: Traveling Tips for Seniors

Mobility Matters: Helping Your Aging Loved One Remain Mobile

Promote Healthy Senior Feet on "Wiggle Your Toes" Day

Occupational vs. Physical Therapy: Whats Right for Your Aging Loved One?

It's Family Reunion Month! Three Ways to Include Your Aging Loved One

When You Care Too Much: The "Sandwich Generation"

Resident Spotlight: Fred Columbo

The Walk of Life: The Importance of Walking for Your Aging Parents

The Waiting Game

Resident Spotlight: Jennie Skovich

UMH Residents Throw Jonathan (The UConn Mascot) A Retirement Party

Independence and Your Aging Loved One

Accompanying Your Loved One to Medical Appointments: How, When and Why

Resident Spotlight - Edith Austin

Tips for Helping Your Aging Loved One Enjoy the Warm Weather

Resident Spotlight: Edna Timpson

Stress-Free Hospital Stays for Seniors: Tips and Techniques for Caregivers

Seniors and High Blood Pressure: Understanding the Numbers

Little Known Senior Discounts: Read and Save

The Luna Moth

Cataracts and Aging Loved Ones: What You Need to Know

Why Many Seniors Prefer Senior Living Communities

3 Tips for Improving Your Aging Loved One's Balance

Middlewoods of Newington's 11th Anniversary Celebration

The Promise of Spring

5 Common Misconceptions About Aging

Is Assisted Living Right For Your Loved One? [Infographic]

5 Warning Signs your Aging Loved One Should No Longer be Driving

Common Foot Problems for Aging Adults

Teach Us To Measure Our Days…

Fight the Fear of Falling: Tips for Your Aging Loved One

Stroke Prevention: Help for Your Aging Loved One

The Benefits of Volunteering at a Senior Living Community

4 Weekly Activities to Improve Senior Heart Health

Daily Tasks: How to Make Them Easier for Your Aging Loved One

Quick, Nutritious and Easy-to-Prepare Meals for Seniors

The Link Between Falling and Alzheimer’s Disease

UMH's 5 Core Values

Coming to Terms with End of Life Issues

Balancing Your Life and Your Loved Ones

The Benefits of Being a Social Senior

The Importance of Communication in Assisted Living

The Real Gifts of Aging

The Importance of Relationships

Senior Living Options For Your Aging Loved One [Infographic]

8 Activities to Help Stimulate Your Aging Loved One's Memory

ABC's of Assisted Living

4 Daily Exercises Every Senior Should be Doing

Senior Living and Staying Connected Through the Internet

Middlewoods of Farmington Residents are Ringing Their Bells!

Promoting Healthy Senior Living at our UMH Communities

The Secret to Selecting a Senior Living Community

Practical Benefits of Our 60-Day Trial Stay

Everything You Need to Know about Touring a Senior Living Community

Why You Should Schedule a Tour at a UMH Community

Caring for an Aging Parent: Impact of the Holiday Season

Understanding Anxiety Surrounding the Holidays

Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Assisted Living Community

7 Reasons Why You Need Your Flu Shot This Year

Transitioning to Assisted Living

UMH Resident Wins Distinguished Resident Accomplishment Award!

Terrible Reasons to Not Consider Assisted Living

The Value of Stories

10 Inspiring Quotes about Aging

An Investigation into the Benefits of Assisted Living Vs. Hiring a Caregiver

How to Become a Better Caregiver in One Day

4 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Loved One’s Life Story

7 Bad Excuses for Not Taking Advantage of UMH's 60-Day Trial Stay!

Veteran's Day Celebrations for UMH Residents

“Angry Old Ladies” & “Cranky Old Men”

Values in Action… The Difference a Mission Makes!

Seniors and Depression: Education and Awareness

Three Cheers for You! - UMH Staff Appreciation Video

"The Difference a Mission Makes" - UMH Employee Appreciation 2014

Massage Therapy Benefits for Seniors

Helping Seniors Breath Better—Respiratory Care Week 2013

The Benefits of Working with a Geriatric Nurse

Seniors: Dealing with Hearing Loss

Activities Across the Generations...Enriching the Lives of Seniors

Tip to Touring a Senior Living Community

7 Reasons to Consider Assisted Living

The Difference Between Age and Maturity

The Essential Caregiver's Guide

Rehabilitation Services in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Evaluating the Cost of an Assisted Living Community

Wesley Village 5k Roadrace

National Assisted Living Week: Celebrating Community Life!

Celebrating Grandparents Day in Assisted Living Communities!

Senior Living Options for Couples

Choosing the Right Assisted Living Community for You

Managing your Aging Parent’s Health Needs

Planning and Paying for Assisted Living

Assisted Living Communities Celebrate National Senior Citizen’s Day

Is An Assisted Living Community Right For You?

Encouraging Socialization in Assisted Living Communities

Early Onset Dementia: The Facts

Healthy Aging at United Methodist Homes: Live to be 120!

Crosby Commons Assisted Living Hosts Caregiver Education Program

Vision Care for Seniors: Symptoms, Risks and Treatments for Cataracts

Protecting Seniors from Fraud: Fraud Awareness Week 2013

Seniors and Pets: The Benefits of Companionship

Celebrating National Parents’ Day in Senior Living Communities

The Secrets to Staying Fit in a Senior Living Community

Aging Seniors and Their Children: Knowing When to Let Go

Assisted Living Communities in CT are Disaster Ready, are you?

Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Old Age: The Differences

Crosby Commons Assisted Living Community welcomes the Vaudeville Act

Wesley Village Assisted Living Continues Healthy Living!

How Seniors Can Avoid Scams: Internet, Charities, Etc.

Senior Retirement - "Not so!"

Global Forgiveness Day – What it Means to Seniors and their Families

Elder Abuse Awareness: What you Need to Know

Identify the Signs of Senior Caregiver Stress

Discharge Planning Checklist: Short Term Rehab

Price vs. Value for Assisted Living

Senior Living Tips: 5 Super Foods for Seniors

How Father’s Day is Celebrated in Assisted Living Communities

What World Blood Donor Day Means for Seniors

National Nurse’s Assistant Week: What to Expect from a Skilled Nurse

Men’s Health Week: Prostate Health Tips For Aging Men

Choosing the Right Senior Living Community for Aging Parents

Assisted Living Communities Celebrate World Environment Day

The Many Senior Housing Options:Assisted living, Nursing Homes & More

The Benefits of a Snoezelen Room for Alzheimer’s Care

Crosby Commons Assisted Living Makes A Wish Come True for Seniors

Nursing Homes in CT Celebrate Nursing Home Week

Assisted Living Provides the Facts about Monitoring Blood Pressure

Assisted Living Communities Celebrate Mother’s Day

5 Tips for Caregivers: How to Reduce Stress for Your Aging Parents

5 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

Celebrating Nurses in Skilled Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Senior Living Homes Celebrate Older Americans Month

When is the Right Time to Move into Assisted Living?

How Assisted Living Gives Seniors More Freedom

How Assisted Living Creates the Ultimate Sense of Community

5 Things You Didn't Know About Assisted Living

Celebrate Earth Day - 3 Gardening Tips Seniors will Enjoy

Satisfaction Results of Residents and Families of UMH Communities

Medical Fitness Week - 3 Cardio Exercise Tips for Seniors

10 Things You Should Have in Place for Your Aging Parents

9 Do's and Don'ts When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

7 Things You Need to Know about Senior Caregiving

World Health Day: Control Your Blood Pressure

The Essential Guide to Touring a Senior Living Community [Free Offer]

The Importance of Diabetes Care

Bringing Awareness to National Public Health Week

7 Eye-Opening Facts You Didn’t Know About Medicare

7 Terrible Pieces of Advice When Caring for Elderly Parents

Why We Love Companies That Care Day

What the Assisted Living Boom Means to You

10 Useful Apps For Seniors in Assisted and Independent Living

The Importance of Socialization at Senior Living Communities

6 Sleep Tips for Seniors

Wesley Village Gives Thanks to the Hands that Care for Us

Pet Therapy At Middlewoods of Farmington

Senior Living 26 Acts of Kindness

Tips for Transitioning to an Assisted Living Community

Friendship at Assisted Living Communities

Valentines Day at Assisted Living Communities

Bishop Wicke Health Center Renovation!

Short Term Rehabilitation Patient Satisfaction Results

Heart Awareness Month

The Importance of Senior Caregiver Breaks

Independent Living | Healthy Living Event Recipes

Choosing the Right Short-Term Rehab Facility for Seniors

The Importance of Fiber in a Senior Citizen's Diet

Diabetes Tips for Seniors

Senior Living Communities 60 Day Trial Stay

Calcium Content Tips for Seniors

Nutrition Benefits at Senior Living Communities

8 Tips for Seniors Medication Management

10 Things to Know About Senior Physical Activity

Veteran Benefits and Senior Care Communities

The Importance of Therapy Dogs at Senior Care Communities

How to Afford an Assisted Living Home

Healthy Living in Senior Care Communities

Assisted Living New Year's Resolutions

Helping Your Aging Loved One Cope with Tragedy

Alzheimer's Communication During the Holidays

Assisted Living Communities Celebrate National Bake Cookies Day

Assisted Living Moving Preparation in CT

Assisted Living | Distinguished Resident Accomplishment Award

National Hand Washing Awareness Week in Assisted Living Communities

Quality Activities Keep Assisted Living Residents Smiling

Flu and Pneumonia Shots for Seniors - Is it Too Late?

Caring for the Elderly: Dealing with Resistance

Tips for Caring for Someone with Parkinson's Disease

The Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

Common Causes and Cures of Insomnia For Seniors

Tips for Seniors to Build Their Immune Systems

What to Look For in a Retirement Community in Connecticut

More Seniors Using Facebook to Connect with Family and Friends

How to Avoid the Flu as a Senior

A Brief History of United Methodist Homes

Tips for Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's

Tips for Preventing Osteoporosis

Crosby Commons: Assisted and Independent Living in Shelton CT

Caring for Someone with Diabetes

Assisted Living vs. Independent Living in Connecticut

Caring for Someone with Arthritis

Tips for Elderly Nutrition Needs

Caring for Someone with Huntington's Disease

Everyday Healthy Heart Tips

Caring for Someone with Dementia

The Importance of Exercise for Elderly

In Service to Their Country

The Benefits of Assisted Living for Your Loved Ones

Middlewoods of Newington: Vegas Night Highlights