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By: Tracey Haughton on October 13th, 2021

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Fun Fall Activities For Seniors

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As the weather cools and the warm, brilliant hues of Autumn begin to cover the landscape, our thoughts automatically run to pumpkins, apples, and spice from lattes to donuts we begin to crave, and can't wait to indulge in the abundance of the season. Some people believe that the cooling temperature means it is time for seniors to head indoors and pull out the puzzles, knitting kits, and other forms of indoor entertainment. But not so fast. There is still more fun to be had outside. The fall is an opportune time for seniors to get out and enjoy outdoor recreations. Let explore a few.

Wine Tastings

Visit a local vineyard this fall. Over the years, we have heard of the many health benefits associated with wine. In moderation, wine can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks


These health perks alone are enough to get wine lovers out and in the fields this time of year, but visiting the local vineyard is not just for wine lovers. An outing can be just as enjoyable for the non-connoisseur as well.


In addition to wine tastings, vineyards tend to have calendars jam-packed with other activities everyone can enjoy, like live music, comedy, art shows, yoga, and of course, wine pairings with meats and produce from local farmers.


Pumpkin or Apple Picking

Fall is the season of harvest and what better way to celebrate than with nature's bounty. With the abundance of local pick-your-own farms, the farm-to-table experience is usually only a few minutes away.


Apple or pumpkin picking is a great way to spend your day, and at the end of your adventure, you can turn your harvest into tasty seasonal dishes. If you are not apt to cooking after your visit, do not worry, most farms are well-stocked with pre-prepared goodies to go.


Make a day of it. The farms have many fun fall activities throughout the season that you can enjoy while taking advantage of the many health benefits associated with the mild exercise of walking.



Autumn is one of the best times of the year to go hiking. The cool, comfortable weather makes it an even more enjoyable experience. With the many local senior-friendly routes to explore, you could find yourself on a new adventure a few times each week, taking in the benefits of exploring the great outdoors, discovering new plants and flowers, and nature watching. 


Hiking can be a healthy exercise for seniors. The activity compels you to use your entire body, allowing you to take advantage of the many health benefits of the workout. Increased flexibility & balance, the possible treatment or prevention of some health issues, and an increased level of cognitive function, to name a few of the improvements you may experience.



Autumn is the time of year when Mother Nature loves to puts her brilliant color palette on display. It's also the leaf-peeping season. Leaf-peeping can be a fun, stress-reducing activity where you can get lost in your admiration of nature's beauty. It's also fun for everyone and a healthy outdoor exercise for the elderly. 


There are many ways to enjoy leaf-peeping, from long walks in your neighborhood or parks to hitting the highways and byways to visit your favorite new spots. You could also consider becoming a tourist in your own backyard. Take a leaf-peeping tour. There are many available options nearby: bus tours, biking tours, train tours, hiking, and walking tours, as well as ariel and water tours.  

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Decorate for the Season

As the weather cools and the colors warm, you will want to embrace and celebrate the season. What better way than with seasonal decor? When it comes to Autumn, the options are endless. You can begin with fall-themed colors and transition into the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. You can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.


Get festive, indoors and out. Pull out your favorite decorative pieces from storage and start arranging. Consider purchasing new items if you find that some of your older decor has lost some of their original sparkle, or better yet, make a project of it. Consider visiting your local craft stores for ideas and supplies for new decorative pieces. 


Add a touch of the season to your home, whether it's a homemade wreath, a brand new garland, or a few throws and pillows adorned in autumn colors here and there. The difference is sure to brighten your spirits and bring you into the joy of the season. 



Food is at the center of all celebrations, and Autumn is the time to feast on the season's many culinary delights. Pumpkins and apples will dominate the season with culinary creations that go beyond our imaginations, from professional chefs to home cooks alike. 


This fall, get into the spirit of the season by awakening your inner chef and create something new. Try a new savory recipe or reinvent a classic pumpkin or apple pie by baking in a new twist. Host a fall-themed event and share your delectable creations with friends and family. 


If cooking isn't your thing, take it on the road. Enjoy the cool fall air while dining al fresco. Take pleasure in the seasonal meals available at your local restaurants and coffee shops, delight in the flavors and senses of the season.


Fall Sports 

Sports enthusiasts love the fall because this is not only the season of football, soccer, and marathons but social gatherings and delicious food. Autumn is the best time of year to get out and gather with friends and family in the cool climate to cheer on your favorite team or go tailgating. 


These activities are not exclusive to pro-teams, which can get a bit pricey. You can enjoy fun social gatherings and show your town pride by supporting your favorite local high school or college teams. Make it an event, show your team spirit by dressing in full costume, or keep it simple and don your team colors.


Bird Watching 

Bird watching is another healthy outdoor activity that seniors can enjoy in the fall. Bird watchers make it known that "Birding" is an activity you can enjoy year-round. However, the Autumn season brings a unique flair to the exercise, adding a splash of color to the familiar landscapes and providing a more invigorating climate. 


You can start small or go all in. Your adventure can begin in your backyard or by visiting local state parks or walking trails. If you're feeling a bit more inspired, you can invest in binoculars and birding books, find a guide and join a local club or group. Before you know it, you'll be up and about with little time for anything else. 


Outdoor Entertainment

There are plenty of outdoor entertainment activities to choose from this time of the year! You can take in a movie at a drive-in, pull up a chair at a concert in the park, or experience a live play in the cool, open Autumn air. Festivals are big this time of year, head out and take in the sites, sounds, and food of the festivities. 


Would you prefer something more low-key? Consider a fall-themed gathering with a small group of your closest friends around the firepit or pack a picnic and enjoy your favorite wine with a loved one under the colorful umbrella of the fall leaves at your local park.


Farmer's Markets

You don't have to be a farmer to appreciate the season of harvest. One of the best ways to relish in the fall is to indulge in fresh, local produce and products. Take some time to visit your local framer's markets; you will be sure to find much more than the traditional organic fruits and vegetables. 


Farmer's Markets today are full of vendors showcasing and selling artisan products you were only able to find in niche gourmet boutiques years ago. Goods range from custom loaves of bread and cheese to handmade products like soaps and candles, as well as native honey, plants, and flowers. 


Go Fishing

Go fishing this fall; you will be able to stimulate the senses, relieve stress, and have fun all at the same time. Breathe in the cool, crisp air and take in the beauty of the season. Whether lakeside or seaside, you will enjoy the natural autumnal scenery, surrounded by the picturesque New England shore and beautiful fall hues. 


Fishing is also a healthy activity. It can be a moderate form of exercise that helps you hone your motor skills. You can appreciate the sport in solitude or take advantage of the benefits of human connections by making it a group experience.


Get out this Autumn. The fall season still provides plenty of time to get outside and appreciate the weather. Whether you decide to go slow and only try one of these suggestions or go all in and try all of them, the goal is to have fun, get some exercise and experience the outdoors this fall. 


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