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Elizabeth Bemis

By: Elizabeth Bemis on January 14th, 2020

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Winter Activities for Seniors: Embracing the Season - Indoors and Out

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As temperatures drop and colder weather settles in for the season, it can be easy to slip into a state of boredom. For seniors, in particular, it’s important to head off the winter blues with an array of enjoyable events and activities. Staying engaged and active is a critical component of maintaining positive health and well-being in the later years of life.

Instead of hibernating for the next several months, take advantage of these top ideas for getting you or the senior in your life up and at ’em. Here are five energizing indoor and outdoor activities for seniors to help beat the winter doldrums.


Working on Working Out


There’s no reason to let inactivity become the cold-weather norm. A lively exercise routine, especially one that involves group classes, is a valuable winter staple for seniors. There are plenty of low-impact exercise regimens, like tai chi, yoga, resistance band training, and aerobics, that are customized for older adults. 


Be sure to work out in a safe environment, and think about seizing the opportunity to have fun with a group of like-minded neighbors. Get moving with classes in rhythmic options like line dancing, belly dancing or ballroom dancing, which all set the stage for fun physical activity and regular socialization. Try indoor water aerobics to get the blood flowing as well as increase strength and mobility. Whatever your exercise preference, make movement a regular part of the winter activity scene.

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Getting Crafty


Arts and crafts are good for the soul at any age, and many seniors find that taking up a creative hobby is the perfect way to add color to a cold winter’s day. From knitting, needlepoint, woodworking and painting to DIY projects and holiday-themed crafts, there’s a limitless range of options for getting those hands moving and the creative juices flowing.


Don’t worry about getting too elaborate, intensive or expensive if you or your aging loved one is new to the world of crafting. Projects can be as detailed or basic as you prefer. Some seniors enjoy making handmade items to give as gifts to the people in their lives, while others are interested in decking out their living space with handcrafted decor. Arts and crafts activities can be one-time projects or weeks- and months-long efforts. The possibilities for winter crafting are endless.


Leaning into Literature


When was the last time you or your aging loved one took time out to read a bestseller? This winter, form a book club and select a list of titles you’re interested in reading together. This gives you the chance to both get absorbed in a good book during your alone time AND gather with other club members to dig into relevant literary topics. 


Some seniors and the people in their lives also enjoy the experience of reading aloud to one another. Schedule time to meet up and work through one or more chapters together every time you visit. If one of you has seeing or reading limitations, consider listening to an audio book instead.


Supping, Sipping & Shopping


Cabin fever is a real threat when you’re weathering the weather inside. So it’s helpful to engage in activities that get you or the senior in your life out of the house during winter. What better reason is there to get out than to enjoy good food and drink with friends, followed by some retail therapy? 


Plan to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even an afternoon tea at your favorite spot with your favorite people. A good dose of lively conversation around a table of tasty refreshments is sure to bring a genuine sense of warmth, regardless of the temperature outside. Pair this outing with a trip to some top-choice stores. Whether you’re window shopping or picking up some much-needed purchases, this activity is all about mobilizing and socializing.


Movies, Music, Museums & More     


Has a recent movie trailer piqued your interest? Is there a band or concert coming to town? Always wanted to visit a local museum but never made the time? These are all perfect outings for seniors looking to make the most of winter. 


If you or your loved one belongs to an assisted living community or a senior association, be sure to check the schedule of organized outings. There may just be some fun events that provide transportation and coordinate all your needs. This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in new adventures with new people or old friends. 


However you or the senior in your life decide to make the most of this winter season, it’s important to stay active, stay engaged and keep the fun alive. 


If you’re interested in learning how a senior living community can support you or your aging loved one with events and activities that engage and immerse, schedule a complimentary visit now


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