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Cope With Tragedy

Coping with Tragedy

An unfortunate reality of caring for aging loved ones is that we are often the ones called upon to deliver bad news and support them as they cope with it. Those that must do so often feel inadequate to the task. There is no easy way to share such information, but there are some guiding principles. When you are the one to talk to an aging loved one about something you know will upset them, even as it upsets you, where do you begin the conversation?

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Blog Feature

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Helping Your Loved One Cope with Tragedy

Dealing with tragedy can be especially difficult for your aging loved one. For many older adults, loss becomes frighteningly more common throughout the aging process. Whether it be the loss of a spouse, a child or sibling, a good friend, or even a pet, these circumstances can weigh heavily on your loved one for several months.

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