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Everything you need to know about caring for your loved one - at home or at a senior living community.

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Aging & Caregiving  |  Valentines Day  |  aging seniors  |  assisted living  |  caregiver  |  senior caregiving  |  tips for caregivers

The Importance of Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Aging Loved One

Valentine's Day is a holiday for couples. This holiday can be very painful when a loved one doesn’t have their husband or wife by their side. For your widowed mom or dad, they could be experiencing this pain. Watching others celebrate with their spouses can trigger deep sadness, and even depression, in your aging loved one.

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60-day stay trial  |  Aging & Caregiving  |  aging parents  |  assisted living  |  caregiver  |  end of life issues  |  tips for caregivers

Coming to Terms with End of Life Issues

By Jim Stinson, Director of Spiritual Life 

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Your Guide to Senior Care Options

Not sure what senior living and care solution is best for your loved one? Start making sense of your options.

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Aging & Caregiving  |  assisted living  |  assisted living ct  |  caregiver  |  relationships

The Importance of Relationships

Our entire lives are built around relationships. Each of us has a sphere of influence within which we maintain relationships with family, close friends, casual friends, co-workers, acquaintances and others. These connections meet essential needs in our lives….the need to feel wanted and loved, the need to feel recognized and valued, and the need to feel supported and cared for.

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Aging & Caregiving  |  activities for seniors  |  assisted living  |  caregiver  |  memory care

8 Activities to Help Stimulate Your Aging Loved One's Memory

As your loved one ages, a reduction in cognitive ability will likely occur. Small declines and short-term memory loss are common, but you can help prevent this. The brain is a muscle, and like any muscle, it needs to be exercised.

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Aging & Caregiving  |  aging parents  |  assisted living  |  assisted living community  |  caregiver  |  holiday season

Caring for an Aging Parent: Impact of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of light-heartedness, gift giving and family gatherings. It’s also a time when many caregivers feel resentful and often times a little worn down. While everyone is enjoying the hustle and bustle of the season, caregivers tend to be bogged down with extra obligations while caring for the growing needs of an aging parent.

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60-day stay trial  |  Aging & Caregiving  |  assisted living  |  caregiver  |  caregiver tips

Identify the Signs of Senior Caregiver Stress

Experts say it comes with the territory. The odds are if you’re caring for elderly parents for any length of time without much assistance-- it’s a given--you HAVE caregiver stress. No one tells you going into this role that part of the plan of caring for the well-being of a loved one is also taking care of your own.

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