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Everything you need to know about caring for your loved one - at home or at a senior living community.

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6 Sleep Tips for Seniors

Are you getting your ZZZZs?  Sleep is important for everyone's health! A good night's rest can lower stress, help maintain a healthy weight, and overall increase happiness. Even with all of these wonderful benefits of sleep, the average American gets less than 7 hours a night, which is less than the recommended amount of 7-9 hours a night.

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Common Causes and Cures of Insomnia For Seniors

Whether living on their own or in an independent living community, seniors are more susceptible to insomnia than most people. A range of medical conditions, such as bladder problems, chronic pain, and gastoesophageal reflux can make it hard to sleep at night. Furthermore, seniors remain more prone to other more common causes of insomnia, such as stress and poor sleep habits.

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