At our UMH communities, we understand that no matter your age, you still have dreams! We love to help make those dreams come true for our residents. Our Journey of Dreams program was created to do just that - offer residents opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment of individual dreams. This award-winning program encourages residents to submit up to three wishes, goals or desires they would like to come true. A commitee meets to review the wishes and create a plan to assist in making these dreams come true. We encourage you to read more about the wishes we have granted thus far!

Journey of DreamsThe New York Skyline - LEGO Edition

When an anonymous company heard that Don Walkley, a 92 year old resident of Crosby Commons, completed a 5,923 piece LEGO set of the Taj Mahal in three months, they worked with the Dream Team and surprised him with a new project to work on...building the New York Skyline. 

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Journey of Dreams at Wesley Village

Phantom of the Opera On Stage 

With a musical background and a love for theater, it’s no surprise Norma Remele, 3 year resident of Wesley Heights, has a particular fondness of Phantom of the Opera. When Activities Director, Linda Fera, heard about Norma’s interest in this esteemed musical, she jumped into action to see what she could do.

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To Fly Again - Helicopter Ride

Journey of Dreams at Wesley Village

Paul Hurd, a 92-year old US Army Veteran, has always loved flying. During the war, he spent time in Italy, flying in helicopters and even jumping out of them! We decided to make his dream of flying again come true so Paul boarded a Robinson R44 Helicopter out of Danbury Airport and embarked on a scenic 45 mile trip over Candlewood Lake. 

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Heading Back to the Bronx

Minnie Sutton Journey of Dreams

Minnie Sutton dreamed of returning to her home in the Bronx, NY, for some time. But as she neared her 106th birthday, traveling back to the city was not something that she could simply “put on the calendar” and make happen. Thankfully the staff at Bishop Wicke Health and Rehabilitation Center had other plans!

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England Dream


Marie Bawol has always dreamed of visiting England again. Although she has lived in the United States since she was 18 years old, Marie was born and raised in Liverpool, England. She longed for the chance to return again to the place she grew up, where many of her family members reside. After sharing her dream with Crosby staff, she was surprised with a special day to make her dream come true! 

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Hawaiian Dream


Though Hank Gambaccini has made his home at Crosby Commons Assisted Living Community for the past nine years, he has always dreamed of visiting Hawaii again. Hank was stationed in Hawaii for some time while he was in the armed forces and fell in love with the island but was never able to return. After sharing his dream with Crosby staff, he was surprised with a special day to make his dream come true!

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Disney Dream


Dorothy Cotton always wanted to go to Walt Disney World but never had the chance to visit the theme parks with her family. Her wish became part of the “Journey of Dreams” program and the Crosby team set to work making her dream come true. Crosby Commons hosted “Disney Day” in honor of Dorothy, bringing the world of Walt Disney to the comfort of her home.

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A Real Life FairyTale


Ted Pfeuffer and his fellow residents enjoyed horse and buggy rides around the campus. Why was this so special and how did the staff at Crosby Commons know to make this dream a reality?

As residents and staff gathered together during the February blizzard to share stories and reminisce, Ted shared his story.

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